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Thread: B-wing

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    Talking B-wing

    For all of you who have not tried the number for the b-wing at Target, do it (check the old post for the number, I can't remember it right now and don't feel like looking for it, besides if you want it go get it)

    Anyway, I was able to call them up and they hade them in stock at my local Target and I was able to get one. This by far was the best and most accurate post I have ever received from SSG.

    Good Luck

    As always


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    I found seven count 'em seven B-Wings at the Target in Alington ,Tx. Yesterday and I will say though none of them because I already have one. Please hurry if you live in this area before the scalpers get 'em!
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    hey sith worm was your package damaged like mine?

    I have been hearing that all of the all of them have some damage.

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    the master jedi
    I found about 6-8 B-Wings at Target here in Sioux City, Iowa last night. all but 1 had some damage.

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    WHY? oh the horror!

    Do you think this was a conspiracy of Target or the manufacturer to increase the price on the open market, because of their collectability?

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    Thumbs up Yes

    I found one at a Target in central Jersey.
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    They all jacked up!

    Every B-Wing package I've seen has been tweaked in some manner. The one I bought was banged up on the corner, but since a customer service employee went to the trouble of getting it for me, I felt that I shouldn't bug for a cleaner one. To top it all off, when I went to pay for it the cashier grabbed it by the plastic window to put it in the bag and gave it a nice extra crease. Oh well, maybe I'll become an open item collector now.
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    Open open open! It's much more fun to open them unless you truely collect for the value. You should collect because it makes you happy not for the value! I just recently picked up a Royal Naboo cruiser from TOYS"R"US (for the cheap price of $49.99 I understand when it first came out it was $99.99) I'll admit the only reason I bought that puupy was for the R2-unit(and he is cool!) and when I opened her up man is that sweet or what that thing is friggin huge! It is now one of my favorite pieces now and I would have never known if I hadn't opened it! Uh...
    ...B-Wings yes, mine was also damaged ,but I do not care. Rip 'em open boys!

    I wish TOYS"R"US would mark down those 12' inch Dewbacks as well. That dewback sculpt just isn't worth $100.00.

    "One day I will become the most powerful Jedi (Sith) ever." Anakin Skywalker, Epi.II

    Yoda is forever my hero now...

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    Exclamation I got it!

    I got mine about a month ago, before it was released by calling in that magical number. I think it is: 087 06 1954
    Use it!
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    I searched here and yon for the B-Wing all around Dallas for about a month and a half and no luck. I tried using that "magic" DPC number, and I found about three Targets that had it in their computers, but they had none on the shelves or in the stockroom. Finally I started seeing an actual shelf space for the B-Wings, complete with sticker and price, but no B-Wings finally, out of desperation, I gave up and bought one for $45 (plus $9 for shipping ) off of eBay. Well, guess what? I ran by the local Target yesterday (in Irving TX) and--tada!--there were two B-wings. Surprisingly, they were both in perfect packaging...

    Please TRU and Wal-Mart...PLEASE...don't put us through this when the TIE Interceptor and TIE Bomber are released...


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