This kind of feeling I have not felt since so many years ago. I walked into a retail shop famous for having back-dated SW figs and Lo and Behold, a POTJ Sandtrooper hangs blatantly in front of a pegful of Qui-Gon Armour and Smowbi-wan. I felt this adrenalin and my heart beats faster and my legs grow weak... barely enough strength to walk over the pegs and grab that Sandtrooper. Then all of a sudden, the strength came back to me and I flipped through the rest of the pegs and found another. Bought them both without a micro-inch of hesitations.

This is the FIRST time I saw a Sandtrooper in a retail outlet and ironically, found it in this low SW reputation shop.

This feeling of joy is soooooo immense

Do you experience this phenomenon when you found something totally out of ZERO expectations?