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    If another Toy company had to make StarWars figures who should it be... ?

    This is a tuff one...
    What if the licence could be shared, or taken away from Hasbro...

    But I'll put my money on Mcfarlane... Since he doe's have the technology, talent, and always winning awards as best Toy company for the year...

    I recall from the Spawn boards that he would love to have StarWars...
    And after seeing the success of the Shrek line (as it was Mcfarlanes first mayor movie line...)

    I feel he could do justice to the lines... as he always delivers what the fans want...

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    I must admit, that aside from a few strange decisions (Princess Fiona's karate leg), McFarlane did a really nice job with the Shrek line. I really wouldn't mind them taking a crack at the Star Wars line. However, I think the number of different characters in each assortment would suffer (can only stick so many 8" figures in each case).

    Toy Biz did a pretty good job with the LOTR line and who can forget the 30-points of articulation Spider-Man?
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    I'd have to say...


    and ONLY because I think they would respect the scale... unlike McFarlane. That's just my opinion... and really, does it count?
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    Toybiz would be good for the basic line, and then perhaps McFarlane could do a few of the larger scale figures (perhaps revive the epic force).
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    McFarlane has done 3 3/4" inch figures before...

    Monsters line 1 to 2
    Shrek sets

    It's just I believe Mcfarlane would carry on making the smaller scale, as he would see the larger market of traditional SW collectors...

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    21st century toys has a pretty decent 1/18th scale military figure with good articulation and cool vehicles. i bet they could do a good job with the smaller figs. and for the 1/6th line, blue box toys would be my choice. everyone here would be going nuts if they saw quality 12 inch star wars toys like blue box would make.

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    Thumbs up

    I have to agree 100% with the Blue Box Toys for the 12" inch figures...

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    I honestly wouldn't want any other company to make the figures. I have always worried about something like that, about someone else taking the rights and making their version of Star Wars toys.
    It would really suck. You'd try to display the figures (at least that's what I do), and they wouldn't have any type of similarity to them. Going from 3 3/4" to 5" or 6" or 8" would - like I said - suck. Especially if you get McFarlane, you'd get the exact same statue type stuff that everyone is yelling about now.
    I'm tired of the b*tching and the moaning, so I'm going to stop. I'm just going to give Hasbro the benefit of the doubt (because they're actually a decent company, and they have tried on many occassions) and hope that they can correct the funny leg poses, because that's really the only problem that I have. If they can't or won't, then I'll buy the things I like and pass on the rest... I already gave them my comment about the new I'm hoping that they'll listen.

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    I'd love to see Playmates give it a shot. They have shown respect for the fans with their Simpsons line, and.... oh, wait - they did the Star Trek line as well. But I must agree, I'd like to see Mcfarlane do a bunch of cantina aliens. (But make them stronger - my Blairmonster fell apart as soon as I touched it).
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    The company doing the super-duper articulated spider-man figures.

    ToyBiz might be ok, and McFarlene, but they would have to make medievil versions, blood versions, ninja versions, etc.
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