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    Trouble with

    OK, is it just me, or has anyone else recently been charged by OMGNCFO and nothing arrived? I emailed them with no response. The phone number on the site is disconnected.

    Anyone else?

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    Uh, oh. It sounds like we have another Kebco on our hands...
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    Yeah.... OMGCNF screwed me too. I lost about $60. They charged me for some pre-orders, and then I never saw anything. Been trying to recover the $$$ for a while now, but I fear it's a lost cause at this point.

    Definitely another Kebco situation....

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    I figured things were hazy when the Kill Bill vol 2 figures were on pre-order for several months. And Maestro Hulk is still a pre-order. Odds are, they're done. Shame too cos i enjoyed doing business with them.
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    Didn't I read somewhere that OMGCNFO is a west coast subsiderary of KEBco? Or was that in one of my nightmares?

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    Thats too bad. I've done business with them in the past. Real shame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darktater View Post
    Didn't I read somewhere that OMGCNFO is a west coast subsiderary of KEBco? Or was that in one of my nightmares?
    My first thought is that it's just one of your nightmares because KEBCo doesn't have enough resources to have a viable east coast branch anymore, no less a west coast one.

    Of course, when the business model is essentially register a web site and advertise lots of product on it, take people's money for that product and run without delivering anything but broken promises (if that), well, I guess that Ken and Scott could very well afford to have several subsidiaries. Not that I'm saying that OMGCNFO is at all related. I wouldn't know; I've practically given up ordering from on-line stores after getting fleeced in the KEBCo debacle.

    But I don't want to turn this into another KEBCo bashing thread. That horse has been dead for a long time (and besides, there's a separate thread for that). Sad to see that there's another company preying on collectors.
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    I just had my bank dispute the charge. They've issued me a temporary credit, which should hold up, as I haven't gotten anything for the charge!

    I would have contacted OMGCNFO, but the one phone number they list when I tried it came up as disconnected!

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    Was this a seller of Star Wars merchandise? I've never heard of the company, and just curious as to what kind of stuff they dealt with.
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    They sold all sorts of action figures. Their site is still up:


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