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    12" Bespin Han Packaging Text Errors

    A few spelling and grammar errors from the mighty Sideshow Collectibles, get the torches and pitchforks, we're storming the castle!

    Oddly, both sections of text have 2 notable mistakes each, and both sets occur in a single sentence each. From the front flap detailing the "Heroes of the Rebellion" line comes these text mistakes:

    "Risking everything and loosing more than anyone, Princes Leia resists the oppressive might of the Empire with a fiery spirit and the true heart of hero."

    ("loosing" should be "losing"; while "of hero" should be "of a hero".) And from the character-specific bio text in the middle of the box:

    "Han Solo throws his ship the Millennium Falcon, into a series of jinks and maneuvers in a vain effort to loose his pursuers."

    ("his ship" should have a comma after it "his ship, the Millennium Falcon"; and there's another "loose/lose" mistake.) Nitpicky? You betcha, but at $50 a pop and up, neatness counts. ;-)
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    I agree...grammer is not that hard to git write. So git it write...SYDSHO!
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