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    "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

    how so ?

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    The power of the Force could kill every living being in the blink of an eye if it so chose, even if no 1 wielder has yet to control its power at that highest level.

    Plus, it could like totally tell a planet to reverse it's gravity, and like everybody on the planet would totally fly into space all of a sudden and die of lack of oxygen, and then their guts would like get sucked into the spacial intakes on the spaceships' engines who flew by and they'd get all mashed up on the windshields and it'd be totally killer!
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    I think it's more of a zen thing. Sure, with the death star you can blow up a planet which will essentially wreck and entire solar system by screwing up the gravity etc. With the force, however, you can actually control people, events, and things. It makes you sort of one step down from being a deity. Anyone (given time and resources) could build a death star but only the chosen one can bring balance to the force. Plus, it's a precision thing like the difference in dropping one smart bomb or sending 200 b-17's to destroy a factory. The end result is the same, but there's far less collateral (sp?) damage.

    Actually, I think the line was in the movie because GL wanted us to know that the force is very powerful and very important for the storyline. It's just a way of trying to expalin the plot and themes more (what's that called...exposition? it's been a while since I took drama.) It sets up Luke's shot in the end to be something brought about by a higher power which he is slowly learning to control rather than just a lucky shot by a farmboy flying his first combat mission.

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    The "Force" is THE energy field which connects all living things. That goes down, everything is F'd, not just one wussy planet where guys wear capes.

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    Dude, you can choke a dude who disses your cape. That is so gangsta!
    That's my jacket!

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    or if you have played Jedi Knight, Rahn says that if Jerec captured the power within the Valley of the Jedi he would be a creature such as the universe has ever known. He would have the power to eradicate live in a whisper.
    Since the Force does bind all things together it is very possible that no power in the galaxy is more powerful.
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    And the force could be like Professor X's ability to mentally connect with all of the mutants. If you concentrate hard enough you could kill everyone that is a force user.
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