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    Stand alone Transformer figures for Ultras

    As an Action Fleet collector I have happily made the transition to the Titanium Ultra line, which I consider to be the new Action Fleets. For some reason the last Action Fleets and the new Titanium Ultras have not had any figures, which has been cause for great upset in these forums in the past.
    Now, it seems we do have AF scald figures. but they are packed in with the [IMHO: absolutely ridiculous line of] SW transformers.

    Back in the days of ep1, Tomy, in Japan, released the figures from the battle scene packs as stand alones on blisters. Is there an option around like that to get these figs that anyone knows of? (As I am absolutely not ever never going to buy these transformers!!!)

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    I have most of the SW:TFs, their figures are about a head taller than the classic Action Fleet minifigs but if nothing else it's proof of concept that Hasbro *does* know about them and *is* able to do them, as well as that they're willing to put them in a kid-oriented line.
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    Interesting. Since I havent gotten any of the Transformers I didnt realize these are actually taller than the original action fleet figs. That makes me feel a little better about not getting them.


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