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    Saga wave 8 to be wal-mart exclusives?

    I read this in the latest Hasbro Q&A: Q. Will the Hasbro Toy Shop be carrying the last wave of 2006 basic figures that is slated as a Wal-Mart exclusive?

    A. They will not be. Update on the expected date for this wave is January on shelf at WM. .............................. So from what I am reading here, the last Saga wave is going to be at Wal-Mart only? Or am I understanding this wrong? These are going to hard to get then.

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    Awesome! An exclusive Wal-Mart Wave of Star Wars figures! That means I'll be able to get everyone of them just like I got everyone of the very well-handled Wal-Mart Marvel Legends Wave! There's no way scalpers will get there before me and purchase everyone of them thus guaranteeing I don't get any!

    So is there a list of these figures I will never see in life? If there isn't, I'll just occupy my time till the list comes out playing with my disassociated Giant Man parts.
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    Kitik Keedkak
    Kabe and Gas Mask boy
    The horned devil guy
    Aurra Sing
    Astromech Droid

    Those are the last of the TSC wave, so look for those to be them.
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    Mace's Astromech and the Dark Jedi Aurra Sing, both EU retoolings of earlier sculpts, are the only two worth getting (assuming you got the others before). And they confirmed at Comic-Con that they will, indeed, be WM exclusives.
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    So this will be post wave 8 then? Kinda like post OTC only harder to get? I guess we could call it wave 8 and a half? Wave 8 will be hard enough to get, then you gotta look for these guys!

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    Nabrun Leids (gas mask boy) and Labria (horned alien) are going to be repaints. There were some pictures and these looked like nice repaints to me. I will be getting them (again). I love the cantina so I have to have these.
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    Right now, I only plan on getting Kitik Keedkak and Mace's R2. I'll look at Nabrun Leids and Labria, but I doubt I'll get them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Mace's Astromech and the Dark Jedi Aurra Sing, both EU retoolings of earlier sculpts, are the only two worth getting (assuming you got the others before). And they confirmed at Comic-Con that they will, indeed, be WM exclusives.
    as part of my boycott of everything that's associated with mace being purple, i'm only buying the aurra sing, assuming that i'll find it.
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    But, dude, new astromech. Can't you overlook the supposed link to Mace for another random droid?
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    I am not sure where some people are getting the impression that wave 8 is the final wave of TSC. But at the current rate of seems to me that to get to figure #74...we will need as much as 12 waves. Inless wave 9 and 10 are like 12 figures each. And considering that the final 5 (6 if you count the 2-pack) are a Wal-Mart exclusive...I am guessing at least 11 waves. And the final 1 or 2 waves will be released in early 2007. Something I read in the questions to hasbro from the other web sites seems to indicate to me that there may be at least one wave released at the same time as the first waves of the 30th annivesary line. I don't remember what website had the question that the Hasbro rep's answer lead me to believe that...but the questions from the other web sites are on the SSG home page so it shouldn't be too difficult to find it.

    This link will show the pics of the rest of the figures from TSC line. Read the captions below the pics to get a little info about them...particularly a general time to expect to find them.
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