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    Can you imagine...

    Can you imagine if LEGO made a set like this?

    Now I don't expect anything of this quality being released to us, not for lack of trying on LEGOs part. But, I can't even guess at how much something like that would cost. And I've said that I wish LEGO would do a UCS set to scale with the mini-figures, with some removable panels to show the interior. But after seeing this?.?.? There's no way I'd, or many others would be able to afford that. But, I'm still hoping for a UCS Slave-1, and Millennium Falcon.
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    That is really cool and I could imagine Lego making something along those lines and charging about $300. I would love if Lego would release the Radiant VII Republic Crusier or even a Venture Class Star Destroyer in the Ultimate line.
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    That would be a great model for a USC Falcon.
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    how the heck did you make that?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?.i would pay any thing for that.its better than my lego star destroyer which is awesome!i have grievous chase.a- wing,b-wing,clone walker and the star destroyer.thats even better than all of them put togethe.r

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    That's a nice piece, I've seen other MOC Falcons I like more but this one gets a lot done. Does the builder say how many pieces it took? I'm guessing at least 5,000 so the pricetag would be around $400 to $500.
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    There's the best photo I could find of the card in front. Most of the cards are just a title, who build it, and ask others not to touch. Piece wise I'd agree with JT, 5,000 sounds about right. It could be more or less depending on what the builder did with the interior.
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