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    Episode X: The Missing Apprentice.

    After viewing The Phantom Menace it was generally believed we had seen the end of the greedy Trade Federation. After all, they had illegally blockaded and invaded a planet and got busted. Following that, something surely would be done by Republic officials to restrain them in their shady businesses; and they would hold no more importance to the Prequels. Or so one would think. At an early stage rumblings were coming through mentioning a return of the Neimoidians, and it was later even officially confirmed in the official site’s databank: the Trade Federation is definitely back in Attack of the Clones!

    While spoiler reports so far have somewhat cleared up what relevance to the story the organization holds, one may still wonder how this evil trade group can still exist ten years after committing such a big crime.

    Furthermore – coming to a new but not less important subject - the events in Episode-1, especially the sudden and unexpected return of the Sith must have left the Jedi puzzled. Darth Maul was defeated and killed, yes. But both Yoda and Mace are aware of the Sith’s ancient ‘rule of two’: “Always two there are…no more…no less. A master and an apprentice”, were Yoda’s insightful words in one of the final scenes of The Phantom Menace. As we remember, Mace Windu agreed, but seeked more answers: “But which one was destroyed, the master or the apprentice?”

    Well, spy Sith Interceptor contributes the first part of a spoiler-filled report today, which explains aspects of these problems and shows how the Politics within the Galactic Republic are linked to the Jedi – and a specific individual’s investigation…
    Part One

    This is going to be a great scene, very ironic, like a group of mice talking in front of a lion's mouth. I LOVE the last paragraph (beginning 'the hologram')

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    Thank you for another excellent contribution to the Episode 2 (SPOILERS) section Lord Tenebrous .

    Here is the text from the link:

    Inside Chancellor Palpatine’s office on Coruscant a hologram of Obi-Wan flickers in front of a group, made up of Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Senators Bail Organa, Ask Aak, Darsana, and Jar Jar. Palpatine and Mas Amedda are in the middle of the group, watching with growing concern.
    Obi-Wan, who has been doing some snooping around on Geonosis, reveals to the assembled group that starships from the Trade Federation and the Commerce Guilds are taking delivery of battle droids from the foundries of the planet.

    “That's outrageous! The treaty forbids the Trade Federation from building up an army” comments Bail Organa - what are they doing?

    Obi-Wan explains that the droid foundry seems to be working at full capacity. He says he’s going down to investigate. “I will bring Jango Fett back home for interrogation.”

    Chancellor Palpatine brings up the point that those Geonosian foundries are part of the Techno Union. “We will call in their representatives and ask them a few very pointed questions.”

    “One more thing”, starts Obi-Wan. “Jango mentioned he was recruited by someone named Darth Tyranus”. He asks them if they had any idea who that may be. Obviously Obi-Wan is not aware of the connection between the title Darth and the Sith themselves.

    Yoda however, with all his knowledge is quick to point out that “with the forename Darth, a Sith he must be.”

    Events are starting to link up within the Jedi’s heads. “Our missing apprentice. They are playing their hand at last”. Mace Windu obviously believes that this Darth Tyranus must have been the second Sith along with Darth Maul (remember they have no knowledge of Darth Sidious). It is also interesting to note that Mace even believes Tyranus had been Maul’s apprentice!

    The plot thickens. Obi-Wan asks if they believe he could be the mysterious Sido-Dyas, who made the deal for the clone army.

    Yoda is yet unsure. “Perhaps too many pieces are missing from this puzzle, there are.”

    Mace warns Obi-Wan to be careful. The investigation is becoming less than routine. “Do you need help?”

    “Let me see if I can figure out what's going on first”, comes Obi-Wan’s reply in a James Bond manner.

    The hologram of Obi-Wan fades off. Palpatine stares at the spot where the hologram was in disbelief.


    Interesting that Kenobi doesn't know the title of Darth is indicative of a Sith Lord?
    ubi mel ibi apes

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    Originally posted by Jedi Clint
    “One more thing”, starts Obi-Wan. “Jango mentioned he was recruited by someone named Darth Tyranus”. He asks them if they had any idea who that may be. Obviously Obi-Wan is not aware of the connection between the title Darth and the Sith themselves.
    This is a very interesting segment.

    1) Obi-Wan wouldn't have any reason to place Darth and Sith together because the Sith had been in hiding for so long and Darth Maul wasn't exactly droping names before the dual.

    2) The fact that Mace would assume the Darth Maul and Darth Tyranus were connected makes prefect sense because no one knows of Darth Sidious. Plus since Count Dooku hasn't been uncovered yet is a great move by GL.

    The plot sounds better and better with everyday, MAN I JUST CAN'T WAIT...

    3 1/2 months to go...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    Originally posted by Co Jo-Da
    3 1/2 months to go... [/COLOR]
    Or 107 days to go,doesn't seem long
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    Pretty Cool, Lord Tenebrous. Thanks for the peek ahead!

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    Part Two

    After the hologram of Obi-Wan has faded, Bail Organa is the first to raise his voice. “The Commerce Guilds are preparing for war...there can be no doubt of that.”
    There is a somber atmosphere. Palpatine remarks that Count Dooku must have made a treaty with them.

    The Jedi realize what has to be done. “We must stop them soon before they're fully ready,” says Mace Windu.

    Senator Ask Aak tells them that the debate is over, they need that clone army now!

    Bail disagrees that, unfortunately, the debate is not over. “The Senate will never be able to approve the use of that army before the seperatists attack.”

    Mas Amedda, who had been silent up until now suddenly speaks up: “This is a crisis!” He proposes that if the Senate votes the Chancellor emergency powers, he could approve the use of the army in a minute.

    But Palpatine quickly intervenes. “Please, please, I don't wish to have emergency powers”. He believes it to be too extreme a solution. “It's akin to a dictatorship”. He says they must rely on the Jedi. “Master Yoda, how many are available to go to Geonosis?”

    Mace Windu and Yoda look at one another.

    This solidifies things some more:

    * Dooku and Tyranus are indeed viewed as two different individuals.

    * By the way this scene ends, Mace is taking the Jedi to Geonosis, and Yoda stays behind to take command of the clone army once emergency power is given to Palpatine. With Palpatine and Yoda working so closely together in AOTC, the gradual rise of the Empire and decline of the Jedi should become a very interesting conflict.

    * Mas Amedda seems to be a powerful ally to Palpatine. It will be very interesting to see if how that changes as Palpatine gains even more power.

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    Clarification: Dooku and Tyranus are "viewed" as two different persons - but Palpatine seceretly knows better.

    They are the same person.

    Just that Dooku is using a shady alias "Darth Tyranus" to conduct Sith business, just like Palpatine uses "Darth Sidious."

    Thanks again for the scoop Lord Tenebrous.

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    Conclusion (Part 3)

    Yoda calculates the number of Jedi at their immediate disposal.”Two Hundred,.....less or more”.

    Bail Organa is stunned and exclaims that, with all due respect, two hundred will be no match for hundreds of thousands of battle droids.

    “Patience”, comes Mace Windu’s reply. He suggests they must wait for Obi-Wan to report back. “We don't know that Count Dooku has made a treaty with the Corporate Alliance, it's speculation.”

    Senator Ask Aak believes they must prepare for the worst. “I'm going to propose a motion granting emergency powers to the Chancellor at the next session. We must not wait!”

    At this Palpatine intervenes: “Out of the question, Senator! You and I are too closely aligned”. He says the issue will become partisan and debates will begin. The proposal must come from a neutral source.

    “If only Senator Amidala were here”, muses Mas Amedda.

    Suddenly Jar Jar steps forward from the back of the group. “Supreme august colleagues, I would be proud to propose the motion in question”. He remarks that this is a grave situation, and he’s sure Senator Amidala, and the Queen of Naboo would agree.

    Ask Aak rejoices at this. “Thank you, Representative Binks.”

    Silence. Then Palpatine sighs deeply. “If called upon, I will serve. But it will be the saddest day of my life.”

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    Question Question-

    Does the Binks line in the above post mean Jar Jar will sound a lot less wacky than he did in TPM? I've seen his dialogue rendered both ways, and am not sure which (if either) is more likely.
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Jar Jar, having been a Representative for some time, has picked up a traditional Basic dialect. However, both in business and in casual situations, he does sometimes slip back into his Gungan tongue. He sometimes calls the Senators "my dellow fellagates", and he does use Gungan with Anakin. For example:

    "Mesa busten wit happiness seein yousa again, Annie. Deesa bad times, bombad times."

    "Shesa happy. Happier den mesa see-en her in long time."


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