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    where to find songs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    original post:
    Legal precedence has shown that in cases where any property that later is determined to have been stolen, the "I got it from a friend" defense is sufficient. Good to know, eh?

    Wonder when W.A.Y. will do an online piracy song? Or a parody of one of his OWN parodies... idea!
    I don't advocate p2p file sharing that violates copyright laws.
    Just out of curiosity, though, I noticed KaZaA took a huge legal hit recently, and that file sharing using all KaZaA derivatives is basically shutdown.

    Some people that used KaZaA (or maybe Kazaa Lite K++ with DietK add-on) for many years to find music or video files, might be wondering what would be a good alternative p2p sharing solution that offers decent anonymity and no spyware/adware with the client?
    ok, apparently I was too subtle in my last post.

    Since KaZaA's recent decision to basically shutdown all unlicensed file sharing, would anyone Please recommend some good alternatives for P2P file sharing where someone (not me, of course) could still find songs to download?
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    Limewire is the best I've found.

    Although I never heard of it and don't know what your talking about. Hell I don't even know how to use a keyboard...and what are these strange symbols on the buttons?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patient Zero View Post
    Limewire is the best I've found.
    I've heard rumors about Limewire. I've never used it though to get almost 5 Gigs of music...
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    Don't advocate, buuuuuuut:
    1. Bit Torrent.
    2. iTunes
    3. Napster
    4. Buying the CD?

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    I agree. Limewire, though unheard of by these ears, seems to be pretty good. The...uh...friends of mine who use it have never had a problem finding anything on it.
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    I listen to streaming radio stations, and to the Music Choice channels on Comcast cable TV. If I hear something often enough that I like, I'll do more research. Many of the places that sell music have sound samples so I can get an idea whether I would want to buy the whole album. If it sounds really good, it can go on my 'to buy' list. If not, then maybe I can just buy the one song from iTunes or some other site that can sell individual songs.

    I just recently bought a new iMac, so I can finally access the iTunes store. My old Mac was still running version 3 and didn't have the iTunes store feature. I think my brother said he uses Music Match or something like that. I believe it is subsciption based, so you can only listen to songs while you are subscribed, but for $5 a month to listen to whatever you want seems like a good deal.

    I went on a bit of a spree my first week of looking through the iTunes store. I wanted to get enough new songs to try burning a CD. One of the disadvantages of iTunes is that the songs are in a protected AAC format. Apparently they don't play on other mp3 players besides iPods. The way around it is to burn them to an audio CD, and then rip the the songs back to the computer as mp3s. Not too big of a deal, but you can only fit about 80 minutes of music on the CD that way. If you make an mp3 CD, you can fit a lot more than that.

    A lot of the bands that I am interested in will have a track or two to download for free. Also, if they have a new album out, sometimes you can stream the whole thing. If you like independent bands, I think has free downloads. I don't mind not being able to get free downloads of popular songs. Some get played so much you get sick of them. Many will be songs that you'll always be able to hear on the radio for years to come. If it is something that I like enough, I don't mind buying it. The songs by lesser known bands are what can become harder to come by over the years. Those are the artists that could use the sales more than someone who sells millions of records.

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    I use iTunes. I go through a $15 card real fast. I get one every three weeks or so, depending on how often i decide to create a new CD for myself. Lots of songs on there, my only complaint is that you only get a 30 second preview, sometimes thats not enough to determine whether a song is worth the 99 cents to me or not. But other than that no complaints, i dont have to worry about getting a virus or messed up song.
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    Thanks to all for your thoughts. I think anyone wondering about what to do should now have the info they need.
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    Why not openly advocate it?

    I would use itunes for everything except a lot of obscure stuff isn't available. P2P has a lot of professional stuff that wouldn't sell and amateur stuff as well that is a lot of fun. would anybody know wesley willis had it not been for the wild west that was file sharing? I doubt it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JON9000 View Post
    Why not openly advocate it?

    I would use itunes for everything except a lot of obscure stuff isn't available. P2P has a lot of professional stuff that wouldn't sell and amateur stuff as well that is a lot of fun. would anybody know wesley willis had it not been for the wild west that was file sharing? I doubt it.
    Yes, in some cases, I think the record companies go a bit far. I started listening to Indie Pop Rocks on back in 2002. However, around June of that year, they had to shut down because of the pending DMCA hearings that threatened to make the royalties to high for most to broadcast. It doesn't make sense to me. Records companies are getting in trouble for paying radio stations to air their artists, yet they push for policies that could shut down broadcasters that are providing them with free promotion.


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