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Legal precedence has shown that in cases where any property that later is determined to have been stolen, the "I got it from a friend" defense is sufficient. Good to know, eh?

Wonder when W.A.Y. will do an online piracy song? Or a parody of one of his OWN parodies... idea!
I don't advocate p2p file sharing that violates copyright laws.
Just out of curiosity, though, I noticed KaZaA took a huge legal hit recently, and that file sharing using all KaZaA derivatives is basically shutdown.

Some people that used KaZaA (or maybe Kazaa Lite K++ with DietK add-on) for many years to find music or video files, might be wondering what would be a good alternative p2p sharing solution that offers decent anonymity and no spyware/adware with the client?
ok, apparently I was too subtle in my last post.

Since KaZaA's recent decision to basically shutdown all unlicensed file sharing, would anyone Please recommend some good alternatives for P2P file sharing where someone (not me, of course) could still find songs to download?