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    wave 7 and 8 pics up on

    i'm sure everyone has seen pics of the figures in these two waves already but hasbro has updated their site with pics of them.

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    I really like that green 442 Siege Battalion Clonetrooper and the astromechs.

    Repainting the Biker Scout as the Elite Corps Trooper is kind of the lazy way out for that figure, since the armor is different enough that it should be a completely new sculpt.

    Is that a POTF2 Padme? She looks a little "buff."

    Overall, not a single "new" figure, they're all repaints, rereleases, or retooled versions of existing figures.
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    I believe SirSteve has these posted in a newsbot newsarticle already. I'm planning on getting at least one of each. 2 of each of the clones if possible.
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    Let's just hope that with all of the clones offered here that they've run the barrel dry for a bit.

    Although they are all repaints/retools as BigB stated they do looked good and several of them are quite welcome (BD's, and Bespin Chew) so all in all these waves look quite decent&
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    The Kashhyyk scout is about the only figure I see myself getting out of this set, along with maybe Yarael Poof. I was really hoping we'd get the clone with the big helmet from Utapau (the one they put in the Mace set), but I guess we'll have to wait on that one.
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    Well, we get a Holographic Cody, with a holo helmet (that's a first)...Padme is a little too buff in POTF2 style as bigbarada said. That couldn't be the final sculpt? Especially when we got the excellent Droid Factory Padme. Or even the Genosis Arena Padme (with or without mole )

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    They said at Comic-Con she was the head of one Padme on the body of another. I'm assuming the body is Droid Factory, or a re-tooled Geonosis Arena.
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    I like them all, will be getting at one of each them and several of the clones if possible.
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    I think the reason Padme looks oversized is because they are putting the Arena figure's head on the Factory figure's body, and the Arena figure is a smaller scale, so this figure looks all pin-headed.

    Anybody else notice that Holo Obi-Wan is holding a lightsaber even though that's an outer robe accessory with no hand there, so they globbed it onto the side of the robe just under the empty sleeve?
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    They better fix that. It won't be healthy for kids role playing with their Anakin falling in love with a manly Padme. Now if they made her perky it might be ok.


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