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    Smile Peeeeeeeeeechurs!

    I've received pictures from my sister in Santa Fe of the reception that followed Jean's funeral. There are several other groups of film I haven't yet been given. I apologize for them being piecemeal, but I don't honestly know who took lots - I know my other sister has some to get in a couple of days. As I don't believe I can yet post a URL here, Anyone wanting the links, please PM me w/your name or SSG name and an e-mail address. I'll send the link to you and then you can check for updates. I wish I knew who'd taken pictures at the cemetery. It was so pretty that day and there were a few dozen friends and relatives in attendance.

    Sooooooooooo, give me a heads-up.

    Hey, I can do this as a PM for y'all too . I didn't think of that. They'll just go one at a time, won't they?

    I'll be here - STILL writing "Thank You" cards.


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    I already received an email from you with a picture. Thank you, Carolyn. And thank you for the card and letter you sent.
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    Smile This new one's the album -

    of friends and family at the reception following services for Jean, last month. I'll be adding to it as I get more pictures. And, I believe the link is good for 30 days, so as I add more, I'll send a new link and you can delete the original one.

    It's sunny, Fall cool and beautiful out today. Mom and I went to run a few errands and she's having a sad moment, recalling how she and Jean would always stop somewhere to eat after doing that.

    I've got a few windows open and it's sooooooooo nice. I'm thankful we didn't get the clouds that were forecast. I've had my Cappucino Cooler and the caffeine's beginning to hit, so I'm going to try to finish my Thank You cards. I've only done about 35 and there are nearly that many more .

    By the way, how do you like the avatar I selected from Mr. Daddypants Collection (I just LOVE that name ). I figured it looked pretty much like me, kinda short, cylindrical and blue and grey-white on top . Just like sisters .

    Okay, GOT to get those cards done, so I can get to listing box contents so THEN I can begin assembling y'all's orders, Gentlemen (Oops, any ladies?? I don't want to offend ).

    Enjoy the day, Sergiu. Try the album link, if you haven't already - I've included a 1995 picture of Jean when we stopped at Common Grounds Coffee Shop (neighborhood--comfy, homey) just before my Dad's funeral.



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    Carolyn -

    Thanks so much for posting those's particularly nice for those of us who would've loved to be there but couldn't...

    thanks again!


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    Quote Originally Posted by RJarvis View Post
    Carolyn -

    Thanks so much for posting those's particularly nice for those of us who would've loved to be there but couldn't...

    thanks again!

    You're most welcome, RJ. Today was a nicely busy day spent putting inventory lists on 10 of the boxes of Marilyn's collection and assembling some orders - still need more to complete them, though. ONWARD!

    Have a terrific week!



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