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    Relative scarcity of Luke: Mos Eisley Escape?

    I've only seen this figure on the pegs twice. The first was, like, a month or so ago (or maybe it was July), and the second time was today. Anybody know what the case ratio was for this Luke, and if he only shipped for a little while, or what? I've seen Scorch and Commander Cody more often than I have Tatooine Luke.

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    Luke is only 1 per case but still, you have to be kidding me! you can find Scorch and Cody but not him???

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    I see him from time to time. Hes a cool looking figure -hopefully we'll get a Tatooine Biggs to go along with him.
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    Luke is in cases:
    • Wave 5 (tatooine wave) @ 1 per case,
    • Wave 5 Rev 1 (same wave, first revised assortment) @ 1 per case,
    • Wave 6 Rev 1 (Endor wave, revision 1 asst) @ 1 per case, and
    • Wave 7 Rev 3 (the ROTJ/TPM double wave, but revision 3 tears that wave to pieces with just Death Star Vader and Podracers surviving in this rev) @ ... you guessed it, 1 per case.
    So Luke is in a currently-shipping case and in a later case. I think this is a smart move, he's not an all-new figure and he's not an action Luke so he wouldn't sell quickly if he were packed 2 per case.
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    Case ratio is righat on. I have not seen Luke on the pegs too often.
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    I have only seen him when fresh cases of the TAT wave went out.&
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    Thanks for the info., everyone!!!

    I've ended up buying two - one to open, one to keep MOC. I love that big blue Tatooine sky background.


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