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    Good deals on Force Fx Lightsabers

    I'm looking for the lowest prices on Force Fx lightsabers (preferably retail so I don't have to pay shippng, but if there's free shipping involved, let's include online/catalog specials). I found several recently for $89.99 (Fry's, Suncoast, etc.). I heard that Costco was blowing them out for around $60, but never saw them. Can we keep a sticky thread about the latest finds/prices on these (and other) MR items?

  2. #2 has the Luke and Mace for $89.99. I saw them in stores once with the Vader one. I never heard of them blowing them out for $60, though.
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    Costco originally sold them at $79.99. Them some months later, whatever was left over was marked down to $50.00. I saw a few Vader FX at that price but I already had it.
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    Most impressive. They didn't even stick around for four days around here.
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    Well I put out free shipping but cannot compete with prices above. I thought 85 an FX was a good deal. (I offer free shipping on all orders over 100 though) Damned Dollar Pound conversion...and import tax and all ....It just hurts a fair economy....another one for the galactic senate!!
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