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    $4.99 Coll 2 @ Target

    My local Targets (Granada Hills, CA) has reduced Coll 2 to $4.99.

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    Sean the Hutt
    Mine in San Diego did too! I thought it was a screw up! My thoughts are that the AOTC stuff is coming into inventory soon, so they must want to clear out space. The collection was probably ordered 3- 6 months ago, so to Targets computers as a new business quarter rolls around it just says CLEARANCE! I think thats how it works!

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    More Target Madness

    I found a Target in N. Hollywood that had the same Coll 2 for $4.99. They weren't on clearance, it just said that the price was temporarily reduced. Then I visited the Target in Burbank and found no such reduction. This trend seems to be hit or miss for the time being.


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