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    Angry To heck with the stupid astronomers

    Pluto will always be a planet, and anyone who disagrees with me can kiss my butt.

    Stupid moron astronomer-wannabes, having to do something to get in the news because they're too damned incompetent to actually accomplish anything.

    Viva Pluto!!
    That's my jacket!

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    Yeah, tell me about it.

    They thought they had discovered some remnants of Krypton but that was a bust too.
    Damn them.
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    Ehhh! I don't think its anything to get your undies in a bundle, this will go back and forth now for who knows how long.

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    I'll pass on the butt kissing, but Pluto is lucky not to be known as simply a Kuiper Belt Object. I suppose thinking about it, I'm happy with the idea of dwarf planets. Hydrostatic equilibrium seems like a good marker as long as it is not a satellite. However, given the nature of their orbit, I'd say Charon is not a satellite but one of two dwarf planets in a dwarf binary system.

    Downgrading Pluto but upgrading Charon makes it even right?
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    What about Uranus?

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    Chux, did you have ancestors in the Earth is Flat Society?

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    I would have started a while ago, but I assumed nobody here really cared. With that said, I think the IAU mostly made the right decision. This pot has been boiling since about 1992 when the first KDOs starting showing and really came to a head when the first big KBOs were found. combine that with the fact the that Pluto has a very eccentric orbit that takes it out of the plane of the Solar System and you got a yourself a dwarf planet (I would have preferred minor planet, but oh well).

    As I always ask people who ask me about, "How does really affect you and your enjoyment of astronomy?" Most can't answer this and the few that can sound like an idiot. All it does is add a new subgroup to the Solar System. So Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury are terrestrial or rocky Planets. Jupiter and Saturn are the gas giants and Uranus and Neptune are the ice giants. Pluto, Ceres, and Eris are dwarf planet with Sedna, Orcus, and Quaoar as likely candidates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by decadentdave View Post
    What about Uranus?
    I hear there is kissing involved, so we might not want to know. Though, can we all agree this thread officially has hit its quota of derriere talk?
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    But isn't that what you said, Chux? That if we disagreed we could kiss Uranus?

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    If these stargazers can't agree on what is or isn't a planet, why the hell was I forced to memorize all the "planets" in school when I was a kid ?

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