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    2 loose or carded potj rebel troopers to trade

    i have 2 extra rebel troopers to trade. they are carded. will trade both for 1 carded clone/droid or loose for 1 loose clone/droid. pm me!

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    they are gone. i do have an imperial officer on card for an astromech or clone (loose or carded)

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    What officer do you have and what line is if from? Which Clones do you need?
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    imperial officer from potj. i have most clones carded. a loose deal would work.(unless it was a harder to find clone) i got a e3 clone display going.

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    can U send me a pic or point me to a pic of the clone droid to see if I have one w/o looking in my tons of figures. I know I don't have the imp officer after I just looked that up.
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    any clone or droid that was not a pegwarmer will do. loose or carded do you want?i like astromechs. i don't have a loose r2q5, just carded.


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