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    Survivor Cook Island (S13)

    Judging from the first episode, it looks like it be a good season. An interesting mix of people.

    Was Hiki voting one of the men off the smartest move? I don't think so but Sekou didn't help his case by taking breaks. If it were three guys and two ladies instead, I think the vote would've been different.

    The one thing that's hard to grasp in these early episodes is everyone's name. Which one is that? Just a few standouts so far: Cao Boi, Flicka, and the writer, Jonathan, come to mind.

    Another aspect that bothers me is Probst's arrogance. He's not the same host; he's evolved. I know it's an easy gig for him, but it may be time for him to go. The show would continue.

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    There's a thread about this somewheres.

    The racial thing was a non-factor. The teams weren't separated by race. They were separated by skin tone. Every single person this season is white. (Seriously, they picked the whitest minorities possible.)
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    I had forgotten to set the VCR so only caught the last 10 mins or so... So, not having seen what contribution Sekou actually made, it seemed to me that he was just really talking himself up with the girl he was trying to align with. He seemed like he was talking about all these 'skillz' that he could bring to the game. Talkin' big. It sounded typical of someone who wouldn't do much; seemed like a good vote to me.

    I thought the girl that got the votes was / is good looking.
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    As expected, the tribes struggled to get fire. I don't any of them were successful before winning flint at the immunity challenge.

    Well, Sekou got a little tired trying to make fire and had to take a break. And of course, through the magic of editing, it was made a bigger deal than what it probably was.

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    I basically missed the entire episode last night with exception to Tribal Council. Anyone have a good re-cap of what happened? I'm too lazy to surf the net and find one of them sites.
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    I like that they kept the Exile Island thing this year. How long before they merge the tribes to 4?

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    Try this, UK:,00.html

    If that doesn't work, I can PM you a few other links.

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    If you got to the Survivor website you can view what looks like to be about half the show: The beginning, where they jump ship; the reward / immunity challenge; and the Tribal council. In addition there are some interviews.
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    Everything you want to know about last week's Survivor is there.

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    * Your tribe intentionally blows a challenge: $10,000
    * Billy realizing his tribe intentionally blew a challenge: $20,000
    * Billy telling the world that he and Candice, someone he's barely said 10 words to, are in love: $30,000.
    * The look on Probst's face when Billy tells how he feels about Candice: PRICELESS.

    Until Billy opened his mouth, I thought, OK, Ozzy is a control freak and needs to go. Then the bombshell! One word: PSYCHO!!!


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