GI Joe America's Elite #15
Transformers Spotlight: Shockwave
America's Elite #15
The redux of the needlessly truncated leadership arc from a few years ago continues apace. This story is a mixed bag, and the contrasts are stark. On the good side, we have a treacherous regiment being lead by a tragically earnest leader. Said regiment is being played off against an earnest regiment being led by a leader who is less than forthcoming (albeit under duress). Additionally, this arc manages to show a flawed president without writing an anti-Bush polemnic. (The president character does not seem intended to evoke any specific official.) On the downside, there is a gratuitous, and out of character digression about a psuedo Gitmo that lakes both intellectual gravity and contextual justification.
Grade: C A mixed bag with some intriguing ideas. All told, it would have been better if the original arc were not truncated a few years back.

Transformers: Spotlight
This one-shot is better than I had anticipated. Besides the treat of finding a James Raiz cover, the story is actually pretty good to. Furman does a good job of mixing set-up, retcons, and actual narrative. While the basic plot (Shockwave v/s the Dinobots) may initially seem like shallow fan-wank (referencing the old Marvel run), Furman weaves a solid character analysis and illustration of a theme into the story. Of course, some fans will not doubt be most occupied with complaining about some of Furman's retcons.
Grade" A/B Worth picking up, for fans or general readers.