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    CCG - Are there 2 same cards in a pack?

    I recently bought my one and only SW CCG deck of cards and its the limited edition in a black box. My question is, are there a chance there will be 2 of the perfectly same cards in a deck?
    I don't know no nuts about CCG and the reasons I buy is for the pictures cos I hope there will be some cool picts of unknown characters I can make customs on

    Anyway, is it possible to have 2 same cards in one deck? Guess I asked too many times

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    If it's a common card like Stormtrooper or Jawa, then I think they might stick more than one in a starter box, but not in the expansion packs. But it's been awhile since I got a premiere starter box, so I don't really know.

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    Every starter box I ever got had multiples of certain cards, but like Rollo said, the expansion packs are always filled with different cards. Which is great, because for as few cards as you get, dupes would not be very welcome!

    All of the TPM starter sets I have came with 4 of each character/item . . . did that seemed to be the norm across different sets? The Jedi Knights set that I have came that way . . . and I can't think of the few other sets I have right now.


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