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    Just a quickie

    About a year ago, I picked up one of my favourite pieces in my collection on Ebay.

    It is the MM Trilogy Gift set (see pic).

    They are basically large plastic MMs - like painted versions of the X-ray fleet (the is an X ray Shuttle included).

    I never saw this on the shelves in the UK,

    Just wondering in what kind of numbers these were released and what they are worth - I paid 15 UK.



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    I got both of mine (silver logo and gold logo) probably 4-5 months ago off of ebay for about 20.00 each. I've seen a few others, most seem to sell for about 40.00 and once in a while they go higher. There is one up on ebay now with a buy now of 75.00. It ended and was relisted since the reserve wasn't met. 75.00 is way too much for that set, he also has the Rebel Forces and other boxed sets with ridiculously high prices as well. I never saw the set in stores, but that's probably because it was long gone beofre I started collecting MMs. One of the ones I have does have a KB price tag from 1999. I guess it hit clearance at 9.99 back then.



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