just received the federation tank die-cast (thanx brit cit), the last die-cast i needed, (at least i think it;s the last die-cast i need , yo jeddah! when you ever gonna get around to shipping those die-cast, and epic sets anyway?) , where wuz i before i sooo rudely interuppted my own bad self

oh yeah, anyway, the detail and quality of the tank is dreck when compared with all the others the main cannon according to the movable action features indicated on the card is supposed to tilt up, it doesn't, the detail and fastening of the two side cannons is horrible (they look like two clothes pin stuck on with a rather huge i might add pin), and to really show that they didn't care, the frickin clothes pins (errr... i mean cannons) are a bland color of taupe plastic (everything else is the proper desert camoflouage color) that give the whole thing an apperance of being an unfinished product! and to top the whole thing off, when you open the hatch on top of the turret, it reveals an unfinished piece of metal, right below the hatch, i mena right below the hatch, like lookin' at a brick wall. so much for outfitting this guy with a an mm battle droid sticking out through the hatch.