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    Has the recession affected how much you will spend on April 23?

    So, has it? I fondly recall the glee of Midnight Madness in 1999, and not thinking for a second that I had spent $350 in an hour on my loot. This year is different.

    My story isn't different from the many whom have suffered from this 15 month recession darkened further by the tragedy of September 11. I was laid off last year from my job of five years. Forget all of the emotional devestation. I had a new job soon after, but the salary was not what I was accustomed to. I have a second, part-time job, which I have slowly become dependent on. That little extra money really makes the difference when paying bills at the end of the month. I don't have the discretionary income that I once had.

    I have fought with my spouse many times about how much I can spend on AOTC stuff April 23. I don't know why. Our financial situation is different from three years ago, and amidst priorities such as a mortgage, transportation, food for us and our daughter, and all of the typical monthly expenses, Star Wars toys fall drastically short. It hurts me, because they are my hobby and my passion, yet they are a logical cut. I am trying to get a few extra shifts each weekend and 'earmarking' that money for toys, but that might not be feasible. Much like luxury items, vacations, brand name clothes, jewelry, etc., my Star Wars collection is a lifestyle choice, and unfortunately one I can't spend on this year as I have in the past.

    I not only spent beaucoup bucks on TPM toys, but I saw the movie in the theaters 13 times. I have all of the cup toppers from Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/KFC, and ate enough Gorditas to feed most of the Afghan refugees. I have all of the Pepsi cans. I have T-shirts and a baseball cap, and video games, and...I don't want to contemplate how much I spent in total on goods and services related to TPM, but I know it was a ton.

    I am curious, how many others are facing similar situations this year? Have your investments crashed, or have you suffered a cutback in shifts or even worse, a layoff? Has the economy changed your spending patterns? How have you decided to handle the purchasing opportunities coming our way with AOTC just around the corner?

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    Mainly change in my personal life style, and the part were the prices have gone up of toys...

    But sometimes I also think, geez 5 SW figures, that PS2 games or a blast of a night out with my friends and girlfriend...

    However I live in Rotterdam, and SW figures here cost 25 Euro's... which is 25 Dollaz...

    So my point could'nt be taken very directly compared to the US Consumer...

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    Given that I am getting out of the military in less than 20 days and I don't have any jobs lined up yet; I must say that I will be spending little to no money on Star Wars for the forseeable future. It would have bothered me more if the figures were cool looking; but since they stink I have no regrets giving up the hobby.

    The recession does have me a little worried about how hard it will be to find a job when I get out. However, I will always have the Veteran's Administration to fall back on if I get desperate.
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    Well I didn't go crazy with E1 when it came out, in fact I just completed the 3.75" figures recently. I think I'll do the same with E2. I collect errors and variations and you can spend a bundle in a short amount time so I have cut down at this time. I'm a union carpenter and construction in CA is beginnig to slow down, many plans have been pushed back to a later and owners have been backing out of breaking ground. Boy I would love to get my hand on Bin Laden. So yes the recession has affected my spending and if this keeps up I'll end up selling my collection on E-BAY. I'll do everything in my power to stop that!!<
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    big barada,

    since you don't have a job lined up, may i recommend a career in security? a few years back when i was in college, i worked as a security guard. i was amazed at the high number of ex-military folk working security. one of my buddies is a former marine who "carried the saw" for 4 years. i used to joke with him that he spent 4 years in the military when he could of been moving up the security ladder. {that's a joke}

    queen katherine,

    the recession hasn't affected me at all. i'm as irresponsible with my money as ever. it's amazing i'm not homeless.

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    Thankfully scalpers, for the most part, have abandoned the Star Wars line, as far as I can tell. So I'm more confident that I can find what I want as time goes on. Not only that, it may be worth waiting for the sales on the EP II items as it seems that most people are either not too excited about the film itself or about the new look of the figures. There should be plenty to go around at rock bottom prices. (I hope)

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    Well, I'm a landscaper in Georgia. I raise my price 10% each year and the weather's been killer. As a matter of fact, last year was the best I've had since I've been in business. I play in a band, have no wife, no kids, two cats, and my biggest expense is paying a Mexican employee at the end of the week. Life is good, and I'll be spending hundreds of dollars on April 23rd like a desperate crackhead. Thank you.

    But then again.....since I tend to make unsound financial decisions, I'll stick with stillakid's idea....thanks, man.
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    I'm just gonna get stuff when I can, no big hurry, might try to grab a few figures on the first day and maybe the Starfighter, not sure though. Depends on what's there and if the Wal-Mart here orders anything. I'm not happy about the price raise either, I mean if we got a stand or something it would be more or less ok because basically on-line a stand is around 0.90-1.00 but when all we get is an enlarged bubble that's practically empty because of the lack of accessories/neutral poses, it's truly ridiculous. Hasbro appears to be hanging on by threads, I haven't seen alot of their lines be very successful as of late so it looks like they're depending on us mostly to keep the SW line alive along with others but if this is the beginning of what their future product will be like, then they're gonna go under.
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    Yes it has effected me and I think it has for a lot of people. Wether you lose a job or forced to find another at lower pay or keep the same job. You worry about it. I am one of the lucky ones so far as I haven't lost my job or had to find another to make ends meet. I still don't think I will be spending a lot this year. I will just pick and choose and try to save money for what I really want. There may be some things I will pass on due to wanting to save money,but I'm not ready to give up my hobby as yet. I will just have to be a lot more carefull on how and when I spend it.
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    There's a recession???

    Well... I can say that my life really hasn't been affected. As a matter-of-fact... I can say I'm making more money this year than last due to a really good music job I have and the fact that I refinanced my house at a lower rate and I have a good tenant who pays on time. All of these are blessings... so, I'd have to say that it hasn't really affected me. Then there are Hasbro's crappy AOTC sculpts... now THAT'S affected me!

    I will keep all of you who are struggling in my thoughts, prayers and meditations... I DO know what it's like because I've been without a job before.
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