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    More Ewoks next year says Hasbro.


    YN: Though I am thrilled with the accuracy and detail (removable knife)
    of the new Chief Chirpa figure, being a long-time ewok fan, I have a few
    questions. Why not make his lizard advisor toy? What do we do now with all our other larger ewok toys? Will they be re-made as smaller, more accurate figures? And last, what ewok plans are there for the 30th anniversary collection?

    H: We can't specifcally comment on any upcoming Ewoks, but we have
    gone on record as saying there are Ewoks planned for next year. The new ones will be correctly scaled as Chirpa was. However, this does not, in ouropinion, make older Ewoks any less valid given their time and place in the line. In fact, one of our team has every Ewok, Kenner and modern, grouped together on a shelf at home - and they all look great together.

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    THis is great news, Chux should be happier than a pig in poo doo
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    Me too. Hopefully they will get the remaining Ewoks from the vintage line updated. I wouldnt mind getting some Woklings too. And finally, i think it would be cool if Hasbro made a generic Ewok sculpt and just painted it a couple of colors (remember how one of the Wookies from the ROTS came out in three different shades) to bulk up their ranks with some grunts to go along with the two that have come out with gliders.
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    Pesonally I'm hoping for a EE Multi pack like the astro mech droid. Heck I might even buy multiples of the set as they should definately outnumber my endor rebel soldiers and I have a good amount of those already.
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    I used some vintage Ewoks in my Endor display and they look fine... if not under-detailed. Still, this is good to hear and I'm not even a huge Ewok fan!
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    Though I do think Wicket needs an update I hope that next year they release new Ewoks instead of resculpted Logray and Teebo.

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    Well, if they are going to make them "properly scaled", then they really should consider selling three to a bubble 'cos Wicket is gonna be TEENY TINY!!!
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    After watching ROTJ the other day, I saw that Chirpa is indeed on the smaller end of ewoks; he's not tiny but he is shorter than Logray. The Logray figure is a little big but it's not too horrible; the Teebo one is huge but the character was kind of large as well. They definitely need to make a smaller Wicket, though.
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    Speaking personally, I think they should bung a whole bunch in a box.
    Paploo, Warok, Lumat, Wicket, Nikki (cartwheeling wicket sized ewok in village), female and Woklings. which is technically equivalent to five regular sized figures. Or equivalent to an EE astro droid multi-pack plus an accessory if you assume the woklings would be a one piece sculpt. Or have one removable that can be held by the female ewok and that one would be Nippet. As I believe one is named.

    Another idea is to have a generic Ewok sculpt as in the ROS Wookiee warrior, colour it differently like say one black, one stripey, one beige and one one piebald, then do four different head cowels and four different weapons and sell it as an army builder. I'm no good at math so I don't know how many different combinations that would produce but it would certainly boost the ewok ranks.

    At the very least sell the things as 2-packs. with so many darn repacks they gotta be saving a whole bunch of cash as well as making it. So two little guys to a blister isn't pushing it too far in terms of what's credible.

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    If we get a new Wicket, Romba, Warok, Lumat and a female with woklings, I'll be happy. Celebrate the love!!!
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