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    I used to have quite a few sports cards, but I sold most of them because I was broke and I needed to finance dates with the next door neighbor. What can I say, it was an idiot teenage moment.
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    What were you thinking Luuuuuke??? going out with the next door neighbor? if you're out late, you have your parents and her parents waiting at the front porch

    anyhow to get back on topic, i got some assorted football and basketball packs today. the best thing i got out of them was an AJ Hawk auto. i have no idea who he is but i also pulled a Dontrelle Moore auto and since he's on the Jets, maybe Mr. Jets&Heels would be interested in this card?

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    I used to have the John Elway rookie card, but for all I know, that's one of the cards I sold on the cheap. And I also had a Dan Marino. I had a couple of Barry Bonds rookie cards, though not the Fleer one I don't think. And of course, I had rookie Greg Jeffries cards, when everyone thought that Met was going to be the next big thing.
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    FB, yeah I would be interested in the Moore auto. I don't think he is on the squad now, but I will take it anyway if its available.
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    Heels, no problem i'll hold that card for ya.

    i got some retail packs of topps chrome at target today and made out much better than the 2 hobby boxes i broke a few weeks ago. i got a maurice drew refractor (!!!), maroney base, jay cutler refractor

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    i don't suppose anyone would be interested in a damaged Bernard Berrian rookie year auto? i dug it up out of a storage box the other day and much to my horror, there's a part of the cardback that's ripped. i'm pretty sure when i pulled the card that i put it straight from the pack to a holder and so i guess it was factory damaged.

    it seems like i'm not the only one collecting maurice jones-drew now since i've lost out on quite a few auctions for his autos.

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    This weekend, I was going through some of the card manufacturer's websites. What happened to the industry? Upper Deck now owns Fleer and Donruss is gone? Is it pretty much down to Topps, Upper deck, and a few smaller sport specific companies?
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    Rogue, Donruss still exists. If you ask me, there's just too many products out there...each company makes a few low end products, a few "premium" products and then a few super premium products. it makes complete-ism, whether you're going for complete sets or all the cards of a particular player, just about impossible.

    Game used memorabilia cards used to be great things to pull but since they're in just about every product line, there are so many of them out there that they're not worth all that much.

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    I agree FB. There is so much out there I can't keep track of it. Special editions, limited editions,gold, black, silver,etc. I can't even find cards in the price guides, because it is just so confusing. That's why I have held back on collecting like I used too, it just got too much. Just like with SW figures.

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    there really is too much out there and even with autographs, sometimes you have blue ink, red ink, black ink, "numbered out of 50" variants. just like with SW figures, i guess the key is to narrow down what you really want to collect.


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