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    The execution of the new Garbage Pail Kids pretty much blows . . .

    Alright, I loved these GPK stickers as a kid and I have only a few of them left. My nostalgia kicked in when Topps announced the return of GPK this year and I think they chose a very strange way to present these. I bought one pack today to see what they are like. The cost was $1.19 per pack. The packs say "Green Gum and Gross Stickers" . . . why the emphasis on the gum? The pack comes with 3 regular GPK stickers, one foil GPK sticker, and FOUR pieces of terrible green gum, each wrapped separately and lined with a tiny sticker (featuring a different character). Well, these little stickers look so cheap and bent up that they seem to belong in the garbage.

    Frankly, they shouldn't refer to the stickers as being "Gross" because the gum is wayyyy nastier than these stickers can even dream to be.

    Topps, why the wasted space on the gum and mini-stickers? The actual cards themselves are very well done, I wouldn't mind having a set of these at all.
    But why the hell should I want to pay for 4 pieces of gum wrapped in four stupid mini-stickers when all I want are the 4 quality stickers?

    Jeez, it's a good thing I checked these out in store and didn't drop $30 on a full box online.

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    I used to collect them as a kid also. They were cool at the time, and I remember when the news hit that the company that made Cabbage Patch Kids was going after Topps for the parody of it's infamous dolls. Damn, makes me feel old just remembering these things.

    I remeber when a pack of 5 cards, was a measely quarter. Now 3 cards costs you over a buck. Wow, I'm so dating myself now. The new cards are nice, but the idea of the gum and the crappy mini-stickers was a bad idea. I have binders full of the old cards, stashed somewhere in my storage room.

    BTW, Anyone remember the god awful 'Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie'.

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    Of course I remember the movie ! Windy Winston rocked !

    Just a reminder, you actually get 4 stickers in the new packs if you count the foil sticker (which is very cool).

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    Ayep, I was coming back to edit that. I forgot the foil card. Damn short card set though, from what I understand. Only 40 cards, 80 if you count the A and B cards. And 130 if you count the A and B foil set. Though add in the 60 or so Gum Stickers, then you're looking at 210. I'll stick to TMNT, and unless they get rid of all the godawful gum and try to lower the price to under a buck, I don't see the series doing all that well. Now figures...... who wouldn't want an Ashcan Andy or Ronald Raygun figure.

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    I hear ya, I just thought that maybe I gave the wrong impression about the Foil Cards - when they give you one of *something* every pack, they are sometimes pretty crappy subsets . . . but these seem to be pretty cool.

    Too bad I won't be buying many more.

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    Hey, I just saw the news. The gum was a massive failure, so they're gonna pull it a retool the release. The cards will now come 6 to a pack, with 5 regular and 1 foil. And they're supposedly shipping starting in November. And the packs will offer chances to win Original Art.

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    Thanks for the update.

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    Oh man. GPK's. LOL That is funny. Caesar, can you post a pic of one of em?

    I had a huge collection of em in the 7th grade. Close to 20 years ago. I used to love em.
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    I remeber the big outlash against them by televangelists.
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    I *JUST* came across these and I might have to start collecting them again... they don't take up much space! They also would make some very interesting action figures... hmm........

    I have a HUGE collection of the old ones... nearly 95% complete. Here's a fun fact no one knows.... my first web site was dedicated to GPK back in '93 but no one cared (the traffic wasn't there) so I changed it to Star Wars after I learned about the toys being re-released.

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