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    Sideshow Military Line!

    I just saw pics of the first 3 figures in the Sideshow military line and man are they sweet. 3 Endor Rebel soldiers. Can't wait for these guys.
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    That trenchcoat guy, where is he in the movie? Looks like they're just releasing that one so Han fans will buy him for the coat. They look pretty good overall, but they're sharing the same helmet, pants, boots, weapons, belts, and bandoliers (probably the same white shirt and hands too), so $60 a pop seems a bit high if that's the case... of course, if Sideshow went and offered all 3 for $60... DAAAAAMN! But my guess is they won't do that.
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    I just looked at the pics and it is quite lame that they all share the same weapons, etc. I would almost have to think that they might offer all three together at a cheaper price. If not then they're gonna sit on alot of these guys for a loooooong time.
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    Liks! Links! Links! What The Hell Are You All Thinking?!?! Links!
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    I'm not digging these guys too much. $180 is alot of money for a man who looks like Grizzly Adams and two hicks who came straight from a hunting trip. My completism with this line may have just been cured...
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    I haven't been able to view the images yet. Are they on the SS website? I'm a newsletter subscriber, too - but haven't gotten anything.

    I don't currently subscribe to Hyperspace or get the Insider as of the end of last year. I'm waiting to see if I'm going to the C4 Con and then re-initializing my membership as I may need that in LA.

    Meanwhile, without having seen the figures:

    I actually wanted 3 Endor Rebel Troopers for a long time. I always admired how the “GI Joe Guys” got to make gritty Vietnam battle dioramas with their 12″ and all their gear. So I bought quite a few of Hasbro’s Imperials (Officer, Death Star Troopers, AT-ST Driver, I think that was it) and I’m fine with those. I wanted some Rebels for them to fight. If I did the scene without Stormtroopers in their bright whites, and sort of muddied my troops up, I could have my own little Vietnam, “Endor-style.” In the future, I might also be down for some Hoth Rebels and Fleet Troopers.

    I was just reading SideShow's description on their website,
    Quote Originally Posted by SideShow
    "For the first time in centuries, the people of the galaxy had a military that served rather than enslaved them.
    What B.S. is that? Palpatine's Empire existed for about 19 years. If you count the Clone Army from its time of origin (in the galaxy at large) - that's only 22 years. Before that, the Republic had a minimalist military service (Senate Guards and security escorts and their pilot corps). Different planets maintained their own militias, and private corporations like the Trade Federation secured their own defense forces. It was at least 1000 years before all that when the Sith last had an army at their disposal - of a still limited amount of Dark Jedi and their "familiars."

    The military blow up of the Republic's Clone Troopers and the CIS Droid Armies had never been seen before.

    I don't know what SideShow was smoking.
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    Thanks for the picture link Snaggletoothe.

    Yeah I guess I want them. I don't have an overwhelming feeling of "I gotta have these!" but I do have a feeling of "If I don't get these, I'll regret it."

    It will be about $200 for all 3 of them according to the price listed in that picture - plus tax, s&h.

    That does give me pause. There's also no ethnicity variation in the soldiers (or no Dixie flag either) and on Endor is where we saw other races of human soldiers (Hoth and Fleet Troopers were all white-boys, though SideShow might do Bespin or Naboo security forces.)
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    They're kinda GI Joe, so that's cool. But three of them? And they all have different versions of uniforms. Dammit, more good stuff to buy from SS! I agree they should make one black guy. Onimakaro (not sure if I spelled that correct) would be cool also. He's in Endor clothes isn't he?

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    Yeah, I'm not sure these guys are directly representative of anyone in the film backed up with photographs from the set of ROTJ.

    The old guy might be - but I keep seeing him waving the Dixie flag in my mind. And where are Bo and Luke Duke?
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