There seems to be a lovely plethora of similar-appearing ladies, one of which is Jeri Ryan (has an almost twin from "The General's Daughter" and another from a BBC show, "Coupling".) whom I just spotted on "SHARK" with James Wood. Thankfully, they still used her dry come-back demeanor. She was one of my favorite ST-Voyager characters, along with their opera-singing EMHP. I just loved it when they individually went opposite their personalities. They were hilarious!

Ah well, I'm off. Tomorrow's another day of searching for R2Dee2's items. I did find an interesting children's book with lift-up sheets inside with the Star Wars theme. I thought maybe it was another children's book like the set Dee has here, but it's something Jéan had bought at the ARC (Thrift Store)--still had the tag on it.

We're pricing headstones for Jéan's grave and I'm beginning to gather things for donation to the Stout Street Coalition for the Homeless, who will distribute the dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes, and some clothing items to those who can't afford even the $1 price at Goodwill or other thrift stores. Jéan was a believer in giving, though many people never saw that side of him, mostly because he never advertised it. Some of you, here at SSG, have come to experience that with him, and I saw it in him, as well.

Brrrrrrrrrrr, we're getting the Winter Storm Watch/Warning forecast for the CO mountains. I'm going for my jammies, y'all.