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    Bothan in 2007 says Hasbro!


    3) Bothans are widely talked about in the Star Wars universe, yet we have never seen a definitive image of one, nor have we ever gotten a figure of one. Can we ever hope to see some Bothans?

    Yes, yes indeed. If the schedule holds, you will see one at the very end of 2007.

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    Cool, I can use them in scenes where many of them die to bring the rebels some information.
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    They can also capture five rebels. &
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    yeah but it'd be an EU Bothan. I want to know what LFL would have made a Bothan look like. The way it played out in the movie I always just assumed Both or Botha was a planet and they were human spies seeing as they'd have to infiltrate an Imperial stronghold. So they'd need to be in uniform and the Imperials don't have alien personnel. Not at the level where they'd be able to gain access to classified data anyway. The death star plans would have been under strict need to know and even if the Emperor wanted the plans leaked to fool the rebels, there's still no way they'd have been freely available as that would have been too easy and would have rung alarm bells in the mind of any spy.

    Unless Bothans are really really reeeeeeeeeeally stoopid.

    I mean the EU Bothan doesn't look so bad, interesting enough design concept but... To me at least any Bothan based on EU drawings aint a real Bothan.

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    i imagined bothans to look like human sized ewoks or wookiees based on their EU descriptions. the SW databank entry for them makes them look like a non-blue Beast.

    would be hard to imagine many of them being able to prowl an imperial establishment without being recognized as intruders.

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    I figured within two seconds of reading the title this thread would be largely about how the Bothan design is EU.

    Infilitrating enemy facilities is such a small percentage of espionage that it would literally be the second to last way one would expect to gather intelligence, the last being phoned up by the enemy leadership and told their confidential plans in detail. You can look no farther than Midway which is largely considered the greatest intelligence coup ever, and it was no more glamorous than, "Midway is out of water" broadcast in a simple update comunication.

    Otherwise, EU sources didn't involve any Bothan walking around in Imperial facilties. If I recall correctly (and I may be wrong on some details), they learned a freighter was transporting a computer that carried a copy of the plans (though obviously they didn't "learn it" so much as were allowed to discover it). In the course of taking the freighter, some Bothans were killed.
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    they have bothans in battlefront 2. i'm too lazy to find a photo link right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by KH
    They can also capture five rebels. &
    LMFAO my goodness, too bad that joke is so obscure, cos that post is TOTALLY HILARIOUS with the backstory &
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Cool, then maybe they can do the bounty hunter from Ord Mantell or that ice cream maker guy.

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    And still no Ewoks or Yarna or Tey Hwo? Nice to see they've got the priorities straight up in Rhode Island. I think they got into some organic spinach and unpasteurized milk recently.
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