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    Thumbs up Lbc: The Legend Grows :)

    (i've got "bounty hunter reports", bc3's got "thanx bc3", & gsj's got "thanx gsj"; bout time lbc got his very own Vanity Thred )
    izzis guy the baddest figure-bagger or what? he'd already gotten me the 300fett and r2q5 supercheap, and jdah a $2 r2 hoeia (among other stuff i'm surely forgetting at the moment). Now what shows up is the potj fx7 he got me for $3.21 incl. tax, plus $1.03 1st class shipping, for a grand total of $4.24, at a time when most people can't even Find em at srp? (btw lbc, this padded envelope looks NEW; the reason i notice is, i've been re-using packins- boxes, bubblewrap etc- so long it's been years since i've touched new stuff. as i recall these vlopes actually cost Money to buy, but damn if I'D know how much. $4.93 (amount in my paypal acct) minus $4.24 = $.69; is that enough to cover envelope cost? if so, lmk & we'll call it even
    lordy this thing's supercool! 18 radial arms & 1 3-prong injector arm, turning head & arm carousel, and Each radial arm has a Working Elbow! easily the sw recordholder for articulation points a sublime colorscheme too, the base hue being a metallic gray-blue-VioleT, kinda like if the dominion had droids fx7, shooting to number one with a bulletwound on the fashion charts
    with 19 arms, kinduva a shame fx7 don't come wit no accessories to hold, so i've given him trophy maul binocs & duros' derringer, so now he looks like a "bountyhunter medical droid"
    bc3, you Really oughta score one of these! it blows the VinTage outta the water! so if lbc still has an xtra, you should make some kinda arrangement w/him! there's still a bit of room in my alpha pkg to you btw, in case you guys wanna send it here first for cheapest (but not quickest ) shipping, just thought i'd offer.
    thanx agin lbc; scrapin' bantha poodoo's a waste of yer skills :happy:
    np: nokko, "i will catch you" rmx
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