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    It would be interesting to put GL into a rebel pilot outfit with his helmet and all, the trick is that we find that after watching the movie more than 3 times. (EPII or EPIII).
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    I think we're more likely to get George Lucas signature flannel shirts (R) than the GL action figure. No offense, but it doesn't look like you can have much action with Boy George in the shape he's in.
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    Well, I would buy one. They could make it a fanclub exclusive or something. I do have a 12 inch Lucas doll that came out a while ago. Looks just like him.
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    The last time I checked, George wasn't in any Star Wars movies so until (and if) he is, don't count on a Hasbro figure of him.

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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    "Too corny," was his reply.
    I wish this "too corny" instinct of his would have kicked in more often! (Like when he was writing dialogue for Jar-Jar?)

    This idea, along with the idea of a "crispy" Owen and Beru two-pack, is one that has come up again and again over the years and I hope it never happens. Save the plastic for actual characters from the movies.

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    Crispy Owen and Beru were not actual characters in the movie? How can you say that? They are the pivotal point of Luke's life. That is where his hatred for the Empire manifested itself. If he had not lived through that experience, seeing the brutal truth of the Empire, who knows. Maybe he would have taken his place at his father's side. Who knows.

    All I know is, I WANT Crispy Owen and Beru two-pack... I DO NOT want double chined George on a card. What's up with that, anyway? My wife was asking me if he was sick when she saw him on TV. I think its just a slight weight problem.
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    Either George is camera-shy, or he's full of poodoo. In ANH, they were almost broke and he needed extras and X-wing pilots, why didn't he just throw on a helmet and do a scene?

    R2, it looks like your Action Fleet Lucas is better than mine:
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    Because even way back then George probably thought it was "too corny" to hop to the other side of the camera. Perhaps he felt that Hitchcock had somehow reduced his otherwise compelling psychological dramas to the point of ham-handed cornball romps with his obligatory on-screen cameos. Shows what a film school education will do to a guy.
    And as for ham-handed cornball romps, I agree about much of JarJar's dialogue. In fact we should have a thread on all the "cornier" aspects of the series to date. Like say...the TITLE FOR EPISODE II! Star Wars Episode II: The Can of Corn

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    That George 12" doll was unofficial and that MM tie pilot George is sad thank god I never got them
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    No, not the healthy George that he has become. The trim-living on Ramen George from the 70's is the one I mean. I don't think that George would cheapen himself by a bit cameo but in retrospect the Jedi idea for him is a little much. Maybe as a speeder pilot or mechanic in the background. Just a little easter egg for the fans.


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