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    I know it's off topic from the last few posts, but has anyone seen the Crispy Owen and Beru custom on Ebay? Pretty silly.

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    No haven't seen those. But I love ToyFare's (the number 1 toy magazine) versions. Nothing like cooked up Aunts and Uncles to keep up a appetite
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    Originally posted by master jedi
    I hope you don't really believe that Neo Solo. Lucas just told Prowse to say 'Obi-Wan is your father'.

    Actually, the line was "Obi Wan killed your father."

    Hence Lukie-poo going NOOOOOOO!!!! That's impossible! And it also fits with what had just been said before it. "He told me enough. He told you killed him."

    Luke wouldn't have had that reaction if he found out Obi Wan WAS his father. he'd be like "oh."

    But, either way, the line was dubbed over intentionally.
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    You're right Utinni, because shortly after the line was leaked to the press, a British magazine printed an article with a title something like "Obi-Wan True Villian in Star Wars Movie." Probably not the exact wording but you get the idea.
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    I laughed my behind off when I saw that cutom on EBay! Very funny, and something everyone can do at home!

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    Well...i believe Jorg Sacul answered this question. The bad part is that they made tons of variants...oh hasbro hasbro...
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    I think that there should be a George Lucas figure because every movie wouldn't be complete without their maker, and the same should go to the figures they wouldn't be complete without the maker.

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    good point, mace. but the jorg sacul figure is george lucas.
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