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    Thoughts on Amanaman?

    I just got this figure in the mail today I got him on ebay for $3.25. I quickly opened him. He looks awesome. My stands fine but only when using the staff which i fear will bend slowly cause of cheap soft plastic. He's not suppose to be han solo but i think he makes neat figure for the Jabba Palace diorama. He's not much more than a statue but he looks great. I don't imagine any kid in the world playing with him. I remember having the vintage Amanaman given to me as a gift and I thought it wass ssssssoooooo stupid cause he didn't have lots of play value although he looked way cool. What did you think of this figure? Thoughts?

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    He could have used elbow cuts, but he's a nice figure. Barely worth deluxe price, but very nice at a discount.

    I usually have him with his legs spread apart, and one claw outstretched in a somewhat comical "attack" mode.
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    He serves his purpose well as a background character in Jabba's Palace. He just needs a little Viagara for that cheap plastic staff.
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    I think i'll buy a thin metal rod and tape it to the staff to keep it up for good.....
    Please go post here If you WANT A HERMI ODLE FIGURE!!

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    I too love this figure. I mean c'mon anything that comes with a skeleton has to be cool! The staff though...... it wilts more and more each day. Definitley not an accessory for the long haul.

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    Its an excellent figure IMO, that really blows out the vintage version, and i think the vintage version is cool!!
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    Well it has been a fan favorite since 1984/85 I think, so no one can say it's a flaw!!!

    the staff could've been better, but hey !: we've been asking for him, now we got him, so let's enjoy it
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    I am happy. My favorite figure from the vintage line, not a bad job on the new version if you ask me.
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    Great figure! But the price when he came out, which was around $15, and having as a "deluxe" was a bad move my Hasbro.
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    I said it whrn we were supposed to vote for this figure. I hated it then and i hate it now. I just find no interest in having him unless you are a completist.


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