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    Will we ever see a George Lucas figure? Or will he make a cameo in one of the films?

    What do you think about George immortalized in plastic? Something to take out your frustration on when you pay $100 for that Eopie.

    Rick was in Phantom, when will we see George? Maybe as a Jedi Knight that gets stuck down by Anakin. That would be pretty cool!

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    For all we know Uncle George may have been in some of the films as an alien with a mask on!

    I dunno if we will ever see a Hasbro likeness of GWL, but who knows! I certainly am not looking for one to be made. I passed on that Asian one that came out a few months back.
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    A GL doll has already been made. A few months ago, SSG posted pictures of the doll made and marketed by some company in Asia. Georgy Boy was all decked out, complete with flannel shirt and specs.

    As far as SWAF go I doubt we'll ever see one of him. Although a good substitute would be to modify the Porkins figure with a good paint job and beard dye to make it look like flannel boy.
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    #1 This is George Lucas, not Alfred Hitchcock. There is no precedent for him appearing in a film he directs, so don't throw out your spine craning your neck as you cast about to catch a glimpse of him in Episode II.

    #2 Personally I hope we do not get a George Lucas figure. Sure he is the creator of the universe we all love, but he has no place within that universe. A George Lucas figure would be right up there with those E.T. senators in my point of view. Sure it was fun to spot the reference, but at the same time it diminishes the universe itself. The presence of the E.T. senators for example brings that "galaxy far, far away" a whole lot closer. I remember when I was a kid being so annoyed at people between Star Wars and Empire (back then it was not "A New Hope" yet) who claimed that in the sequel they would come to Earth. People don't seem to realize how brilliant that opening line really is, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...". That says so much about what made Star Wars special in science fiction. NO connection to EARTH! I honestly think that is why so many other science fiction movies and attempted sagas that followed were so bad (apart from poor scripts, lackluster effects, and bad actors), they were all inexorably connected to Earth. Star Wars is chock full of humans, but they are not "Earthlings".

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    I agree with Jedi Cole, I have absolutely no use for a GL figure. I wouldn't care if he wrote himself into one of the movies, they are his, he can do whatever he wants (and has), as long as it wasn't TOO stupid.

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    If I am not wrong, wasnt there a contest to find a GL head on a Death Star Gunner. I cant remember exactly how it went, but I remember in a magazine, that if you pulled on the gunners helmet and you saw GL's dome, you won some contest. Its been awhile, so I really cant recall the details.
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    If they make a G. Lu figure, they should make a bunch of crew members like a camera man, and sound guy with a boom mike. Then you could make little dioramas of them SHOOTING the film. Hang a blue screen behind your Obi Wan and Qui Gon figures and viola...

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    HAHA! That's a great idea, Rollo! That reminds me of the scene in Spaceballs.

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    If I remember correctly, most of the crew was getting in on the fun of making cameos in TPM, but when they tried to get ol'George to jump in front of the camera he declined. "Too corny," was his reply.
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    Lucas figure

    There have been a few George Lucas figures ..... from a certain point of view
    12" Lucas Figure
    MicroMachine figure from the Action Fleet TIE Interceptor
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