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    Tusken Camp picture.

    There is a picture of Anakin on a bluff overlooking the Tusken camp.
    ubi mel ibi apes

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    Yeah, I saw it earlier. Unfortunately it is so dark that it is hard to make out most of the details.

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    I reversed the colors on the pic.
    ubi mel ibi apes

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    That helps. I can see him looking over the ledge now.

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    Thanks,thats pretty cool
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    I lightened it a bit is this any easier to look at?

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    Where are the banthas? Or is the camp so far away that the banthas are what we are looking at instead of Tuskens all hudled up to keep warm? And why does that rock formation just below the moon look like Wobbuffet?

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    Nice pic. Obviously this is the night before he slaughters them all.
    Just a taste of things to come....
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    Next on the Universes Most Wanted, a Jedi turned bad...

    A very cool yet dark shot of Anakin and the begining of his fall towards Darkness. I hope that it makes into the film...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.


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