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    Exclamation Wave One pics are up!!! (Everybody be excited!)

    Official SSG Link: SOURCE

    Mace Windu - He appears to be an entirely new sculpt.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi - Reissue of the Pilot figure but with a new head that accommodates the aqua-breather accessory. Also comes with a new version of the Magnaguard pike and Grievous's blaster-- but no lightsaber?

    Galactic Marine - The kids are gonna love this one!! Snowtrooper in new grape flavour!

    Artoo-Detoo - Better than previous attempts on the rocket-Artoos but the paint deco leaves something to be desired.

    Mustafar Lava Miner - Freaky!!!!! I love it!!!

    Airborne Trooper - The sculpt is a little soft but it's still good nonetheless!!

    Super Battle Droid - It looks like a new sculpt (in hopefully sturdier plastic) and it has pivoting elbow joints so it can grab or fire! Speaking of fire, it's also got some odd fire deco.

    McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper - Same trooper... new deco.

    I'm likely to pass on the Obi-Wan and the McQuarrie Trooper. I may pick up a Super Battle Droid, a Mace and an Artoo but the rest of them are definites!!!!
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    We collectors have good things to look forward to next year if these hi-res pics are indicative of the figures from wave 1 that we will actually get on the pegs.

    And mark me up as a 41 year old kid looking forward to the Galactic Marine.
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    Looks like a good wave. Over all I'm pretty please although it hard to get excited over a new R2 or Obi-Wan. I will be good to have an non action feature Mace. But I'm most excited about the Galactic Marine.
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    Can't wait to get these babies. I may even pick up the Obi Wan just to have.
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    It seems kinda weird that the first wave of the 30th anniversary of Star Wars line starts with all ROTS figures, no ANH.

    That head on Mace doesn't look much like him, maybe it'll look better in person from another angle but even the coloring is wrong.

    The Obi-Wan with new head seems pretty cool, sucks he doesn't have his saber hilt though - he's even still got the hole for it on his belt (he had his saber back when he hit the water).

    The Marine has good arm articulation, not sure about the knees, but overall looks pretty dandy and I like his backpack.

    I'm not sure what to make of the R2, his dome isn't chrome which is good, and I like the jets themselves (I'm assuming they're removable), but I really wish the boost effects were removable (only the orange ones appear to be) and I hope that 3rd leg is removable or retractable. I ain't so thrilled about R2's jet glow paint either.

    Lava Miner to me is Captain WTF, but I may get him because he's weird and I like the accessory.

    The coins do nothing for me except I do like the shape repeated around the outer edge.

    JP, next time check SSG first. We had 'em before you posted.
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    Cool, im digging them, though a closer look at them once they arrive will determine if i get them all. Mace really needs a decent figure, but from what JT says this might not be the one. I like the booster effects on R2, but im not sure if that will be enough for me to feel hes worth buying. I'll probably pass on Kenobi because ive already got an ample amount of his figures. But i really like the Marine and Miner, even if he looks like hes squatting to pick up dog poop.
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    Head issues aside, the Mace figure looks like he's gonna rock. If nothing else, switch the head with one of the action-feature Maces. (Both the AOTC Deluxe and the AOTC "screaming" Mace had nice head sculpts.)
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    Even though I really didn't like the card design, it's not real bad seeing the way the bubble is. I'm glad the bubble is finally normal again and the figures will be much easier to stack, though I'm worried about the structual integrity of the top half of the card. It'll be odd sifting through pegs of these, they look like they could cut your hand.

    Glad the first wave is only 5 figures as well, with all the figures from Saga that are still left to get and'll be nice to have a trickle of figures instead of a flood.


    Galactice Marine- Pretty cool, I hope this means it's inevitable to get a decent Snowtrooper. Interesting how they're using the more accurately detailed (though more inaccurately scaled) rifle from the Evo sets instead of the one they had been using since AOTC.

    Mace - Alot better than the ROTS version though it still feels slightly off to me, I think it's mostly the glossy head.

    Obi-Wan - What's with the breathing unit? I don't remember him ever using it post-TPM, unless he used it in the Clone Wars and I don't remember? I doubt I'll be picking up a second to open since I don't need anymore ROTS Obi-Wans...

    Lava Miner - Interesting, didn't really care if it was made or not but I'll pick it up obviously.

    R2 - ...why?

    Overall, I'm just excited that they're stackable again, the coins aren't randomly packed AND it looks like there won't be any tape use!
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    3 more figures added!!! I just added them to the story for Steve:

    Airborne Trooper, Super Battle Droid, and McQuarrie Concept Trooper images added.

    The Super Battle Droid concept is clearly to go with that R2, he's in oily flames like from the ROTS scene. And they gave him real articulation! Friggin finally!

    Airborne Trooper looks cool, I like the gear, the weathering could have been a little better but oh well.

    The repainted McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper looks very cool, they did a much nicer job this time around, it's a must-have in my book.

    I wonder where the card numbers are on these, I don't see 'em.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    That SBD is AWESOME!


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