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    With the new Sideshow figures coming out in full force its time for all 12 collectors to redefine their expectations. What Hasbro started was grand, to be sure, but now Sideshow is taking it to a much higher level. In the midst of these changes there are many of us out there with grand ideas of what we expect or wish from sideshow. After the announcement of Jabba it is clear that there is no limit to what they can make. That brings us to the purpose of this new thread.

    This poll is a deliberate examination of what we want as collectors. Its time for you to put in your voice to Sideshow. We will explore almost every character from the films and narrow down what 12 figures we wish to have made. By the end of the poll we will have two figs from each film as our most desired. The format for this thread will be of the same format as my 3 3/4 best/worst poll. Tagmac will also be running this thread with me, and by the end of every couple polls he will let us know who is winning the most votes. Please do not skip ahead in the voting polls, as we want to examine each group discussing varied ideas behind some of the 12 figs.

    So without further delay let us begin the Sideshow 12 Poll!

    There are so many characters in the Star Wars Universe that it is very hard to know where to start. Originally I thought of doing the thread scene by scene. However the truth is, its all about the core characters, so before we start looking at some background 12, lets look at two of the core characters that started it all.

    ANH: Luke Skywalker - (Tatooine with Poncho, floppy hat, blast helmet, Stormtrooper belt, blaster, lightsaber, headset, binoculars and desert rifle)
    ANH: Luke Skywalker - (X-Wing Pilot with lightsaber, and blaster)
    ANH: Princess Leia - (Organa with pistol, blaster, and death star plans)
    ANH: Princess Leia - (Ceremonial Gown with medal)
    ANH: Luke Skywalker - (Ceremonial Gown with medal)
    ESB: Luke Skywalker - (Hoth with lightsaber, binoculars)
    ESB: Luke Skywalker - (Bacta Chamber, face mask and medical robe)
    ESB: Luke Skywalker - (Bespin/Dagobah with removable hand, backpack, lightsaber, blaster, Food case, lamp, and _____________)
    ESB: Princess Leia - (Hoth/Bespin escape with blaster, and removable heads with different hairstyles)
    ESB: Princess Liea - (Bespin Gown)
    ROTJ: Luke Skywalker - (Jedi/Death Star II) - RELEASED
    ROTJ: Luke Skywalker - (Endor with blaster, lightsaber)
    ROTJ: Princess Leia - (Boussh) - RELEASED
    ROTJ: Princess Leia - (Jabbas Prisoner with chain)
    ROTJ: Princess Leia - (Endor/General with pistol)
    ROTJ: Princess Leia - (Ewok Celebration dress)

    So which of these 12 for each film listed would you pick to be made?

    ANH - Princess Leia Organa - Im picking her because she has never quite looked right as a 12. If anyone can do her justice its Sideshow. She has the potential of being a very nice figure.
    For ESB this would be easy: Luke Skywalker with Bacta Chamber and Medical Robe with ease. Imagine seeing this realized in 12 form. I would like a nice Tatooine Luke, but all listed would pale in comparison to a Bacta Luke with Chamber.
    ROTJ: Princess Leia - (Ewok Celebration dress) - This is a nice figure, and could make a nice 12 if she was fully realized.
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    Tagmac - The ____________ is the thing Luke had over his hands at the end of ESB.

    I figure each poll will have about 12 figures from multiple films. I'll start with the characters in multiple costumes, and then go to background figures.

    The poll needs to have only 2 figures for each film at all times. This way if someone wants a figure made we need to vote one of the two selected figures out to give it a spot.

    Does this all make sense to you? Do you think we should do it differently? Any ideas?
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    I like the idea of only going with two characters at a time, although this will only be a major issue for the first two poll. You have Luke and Leia in all of their outfits, which covers all bases there. For the next poll, you figure two each for Han: ANH - reg & Stormtrooper costume; ESB: Hoth outfit & Carbonite block; ROTJ - Trenchcoat, which covers his only costume anyway. Then you have Lando Bespin, Skiff, General, and Smuggler. After that, you're through with the multiple-costumed figures. Then you can start going down the list of main characters. Start with the ones that span all three movies of each trilogy in poll 3 (OT - Vader, Chewie, Droids, Stormtrooper, Imp. Commander, PT - Anakin & Obi-Wan, Yoda, Padme, although she could fill out a poll all by herself), then in poll 4, go to the two-from-each movie group.

    Maybe I'm being a bit confusing here, so let me know. Your basic setup is pretty good, and should work out. Prolly have it so that people can vote for a maximum of two each poll, then do the run-off after every 3-4 groupings. Let me know what you think.
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    Well as far as the poll goes I do need fat lists. I have to cover at least 3 characters/outfits per film each poll. At the least I need to cover three films in each poll. This means each poll will have 9 figures at least. Pollsters will vote for 2 figs per film. If you want a spin off after 3 or 4 groupings that will work. Lets do that then.

    Here's a question - Should we allow the poll final to include two best figs voted for per film or more.

    Poll #2 is Obi-Wan and Anakin/Darth

    Poll #3 is Amidalla. This poll will be huge because it covers every costume. TPM has 10 listings alone. I may need to split her in two polls.

    Core characters will be done like you said, and then background by scenes. I won't be polling every astro, protocol or clone paint variants. I will allow an optional feature later when I list R2, C3, clones that will allow a polster to suggest a favorite protocol, R2 to be made. This gives them a chance to take part in the conception of the poll.

    Other than that, that's it. Are you ready to start the poll in early/mid october? I like to write up at least 10 polls before I start a thread in the event I am too busy to focus on it. This way I can copy, paste and go. Currently on my Best/Worst I am several polls ahead of the current one. So if I disappear for a bit and need you to post, all you'll need to do is cut, paste, and done! That's about it.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    Sounds good. Keep me posted. I'll be back on the boards on Monday.
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