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    WANTED:Portrait photos of your Sideshow 12" Star Wars figures!

    In this thread I would like to do a comparison of the paint apps on the portraits of the Sideshow 12" Star Wars figures. It has been claimed that they are hand painted. I suspect that to be true, but I still believe they are masked. But out of curiosity, I would like to do some comparing. It would be appreciated if I could get about 5 pics of each portrait...that should be good for a comparison...then we'll go on to a new only post the portrait pic of the active figure being compared. Here is Qui-Gon to start it off.
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    I think the Obi-Wan figure proved they're masked to some degree, everybody having the same eyebrow and hair issues, no way they could accidentally get them all wrong. Maybe they do hand-touchups, but I'm confident the work is masked for the most part.
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