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Thread: 2007 Rumormill

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    2007 Rumormill

    According to ( a french SW site) the following is a list of hasbro stuff to come in 2007 (first figures, then ships):
    Here's the specific page:

    Wave #1
    - Darth Vader (w/ Coin Album)
    - Galactic Marine
    - Mace Windu
    - R2-D2
    - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    - Mustafarian Lava Miner
    - Airborne Trooper
    - Concept Stormtrooper
    - Super Battle Droid

    Wave #2
    - M'Ylloom (Cantina Alien)
    - Elis Helrot (Cantina Alien)
    - Darth Vader
    - Biggs Darklighter in Academy Outfit
    - Luke Skywalker
    - Jawa/Droid 2-Pack
    - EU Chewbacca (McQuarrie Design)
    - EU Stormtrooper (McQuarrie design)
    - EU Boba Fett (Johnston Design)

    Wave #3
    - Hermie Odle
    - Oola w/Chain
    - Umpass-Stay w/ Gong
    - C-3PO
    - Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
    - A-Wing Pilot
    - Holiday Special Boba Fett

    Wave #4
    - Mace Windu
    - Anakin Skywalker
    - Clone Trooper
    - Padmé
    - General Grievous (pre-movie era)
    - Yuuzhan Vong

    Wave #5
    - Rebel Sentry (w/ Yavin IV crow nest)
    - Luke Skywalker (Ceremonial)
    - Han Solo (Ceremonial)
    - Death Star Trooper
    - X-Wing Pilot

    - Sith Infiltrator
    - V-Wing Fighter
    - Jedi Starfighter de Saesee Tiin
    - ARC-170 with 4 figures (One of which is an Astromech droid)
    - ARC-170 version Clone Wars (comme la version Transformers?)

    Also, here are the Vintage style figures on tap for next year:
    - Leia Endor
    - Luke Bespin
    - Snowtrooper
    - Han Solo (Bespin or Hoth not sure which one yet)
    - Bossk
    - IG-88 (replaces Jawa)

    now none of this has been officially confirmed, but I got a list from these guys last year and IIRC, they were spot on.

    So it's probably a safe bet we are getting everything you read here in this list.

    Feel free to post in this thread but you MUST have your source of info in this thread to back up your claim. The web address (source) must be present in you post or your post gets deleted. Sources will be checked and if the info isn't traceable your post gets deleted.

    No need to start rumors with stuff you might have just thought up. Showing a source not only helps us all, but also helps you in not getting called out for just making stuff up.

    Thanks and let the rumors (with sources for such) begin.
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    What's the difference between the Concept Stormtrooper in Wave 1 and the EU McQuarrie Design Stormtrooper in Wave 2? Shouldn't these be the same?

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    They are probably the same thing. Just one wasn't omitted from the list. But that's just a guess.
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    This can't be accurate, unfortunately. Hasbro confirmed at Comic-Con that there'd be one concept figure per wave, so one in the first wave, three in the second, and no more? Completely contrary to what they said.

    I don't have a URL, but I was at the Q&A, so I know for certain that's what they said.

    And from the 9/1/06 Q&A at

    Recently, you said some of the figure rumor lists are inaccurate. Will you debunk one of those rumored-to-be-coming-soon figures that Hasbro actually does *not* plan to release in any format in the next 18 months (any figure rumor of your choice)?

    We were referring to the "leaked" line lists that were circulated a couple months back. These were essentially a very early "wish list" line ist that was not finalized by us and Lucasfilm. As a result, the Yuuzhon Vhong figure is on there which a lot of collectors were excited about. We won't be doing this one next year, unfortunately, but it's high on our "future" wish list.
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    This looks like the old rebelscum list with the Yavin wave tacked on to it. There is nothing on this list that I haven't seen from another source so while that lends to its accuracy Hasbro also said the old list only had nuggets of truth. Wave 2 seems to heavy on concept/background characters to be believable to me. But we'll see soon enough. I wonder if the coin album is going to have just numbers or figure names on it. If it is names we will get a list relatively soon which would be cool.
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    Am I the only one who gets a giggle out of reading 'Darth Vader with coin album'? Like the baddest villain in the galaxy has a coin collecting hobby. It's silly but it creases me up.

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    Daddy is the breadwinner.

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    Hey Jargo...errrr...Daddypants...yeah it gets me everytime.
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    I was referring to the hilarious Vader Sessions:

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    If they rerelease the ARC-170, that'll be great as I missed out on it last year. A Gunship-esque paintjob would be cool as well but I'd prefer a straight repack at first (with the four figures, of course).
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