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    Discount code for

    As of 10/3/6 (maybe even before) if you type in the code Fall25 in the promo code section when ordering from, you get 25% off your purchase PLUS free shipping!

    This is a tremendous deal. I just got Artoo Potatoo and a set of Galactic Heroes for $12. Saved $8 between the discount and shipping. This is LESS than retail prices folks.

    If you have been putting off ordering from, now is the time to do it.

    Go here to view all of their current SW items:

    Happy shopping and let us know if you scored a good deal.

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    nice, just in time for christmas requests

    excellent traders; Val Da Car, Dark Marble, Commtech and info from KidHuman
    Looking for: Master Replicas Darth Maul .45 scale full lightsaber & a 12" Grievous

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    Thanks Sal! i'm using it to buy Artoo Potato and some transformers (non SW)

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    Sweet! Thanks for the code Sal! I just ordered a couple packs of their Star Wars Official Protective Cases. I'm going to look around some more and see what else they have. That new Monopoly is awfully tempting.
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    Any idea how long this be good for? I was gonna order a carpload of Transformers Classics, but they seems to be out.
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    I heard that it's only good until the 9th somewhere.
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    Holy sweet buckets of love!

    Thanks, man, I just ordered a bunch of stuff I've been wanting.

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    And I don't get paid until the first of next month... That's a pretty sweet deal, though!

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    I just ordered 4 Sandtroopers to turn into stormtroopers. Before I ordered two fo the SDCC stormies and the Kir Kanos set.
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