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    Geonosis Case Assortment

    There may have been other posts on this but I have to vent...

    Why is Hasblow so frakking stupid?

    Here is how the case assortment should have gone:

    Scorch x2
    Clone Trooper x2
    Sora Bulq x2
    Sun Fac x2
    Yoda x1
    Poggle the Lesser x1
    Jango Fett x1
    C-3PO x1

    I'm not going to go to which figures should not have been produced at all.

    WHY does Hasblow DO this? I understand that Poggle was only previously-available through the Separatist does this mean we are going to have to suffer a San Hill release in the future, as well, to take up more case space?

    Don't we have enough Yodas to plug all the holes in the Great Wall of China? Wasn't that Jango Fett figure crappy enough in its first release?

    It boggles the mind, it truly does...
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire

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    File this under the "Why are some people never happy" thread.

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    File that reply under the "wit as sharp as a butter knife" thread.

    Seriously, though - you think the case assortment is fine as is? What excuse does Hasbro have for not learning from the sales of previous clones that they need to pack them in larger amounts?
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire

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    Quote Originally Posted by decadentdave
    File this under the "Why are some people never happy" thread.
    I know you are half way joking here, but this is a issue to B-tch about. Hasbro must have hired the same A-hole that makes the Assortments for Marvel Legions.
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    Yeah, I can't find any clones anywhere. All of the other figures are pretty easy to find though. Here is my assortment:
    Scorch x3 all would sell
    Clone Trooper x3 all would sell
    Sora Bulq x2 great figure
    Sun Fac x2 great figure
    Yoda x1 i actually needed a good yoda for a complaints here
    Poggle the Lesser x0 would not have released
    Jango Fett x1 not a horrible choice for the newbies
    C-3PO x0 stupid figure, would not have released (i took mine back)

    One way to out think people is to make them think you think they'll think what you are not really trying to get them to think what you think.

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    It Poggles my mind too! They must have had people with Lesser intelligence figure that case assortment of figures, Go figure?

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    This is a legit complaint. We have:

    1x Scorch (Republic Commando) -- A highly-requested EU figure from one of the best-selling video games ever, and an army builder to boot. Huge mistake.

    1x Orange Utapaun Clone Trooper -- Another army-builder, sure to be even more highly sought-after than Scorch since he's crucial in a pivotal scene of ROTS. Even bigger mistake.

    1x Sora Bulq -- A minor split-second onscreen character, who spun into a major role as a fallen Jedi in the Clone Wars comics. And a new character that we've been asking for since 2002. Pretty big mistake, too, but not quite on the scale of the army builders. (I can't see kids clamoring to buy him.)

    2x Sun Fac -- A one-eyed Geonosian I didn't even know existed until the figure was announced. Two per case seems logical, since he's a new figure. But, uh, aside from the missing eye, what differentiates him from Gerald the Generic Geonosian? Were he a random warrior, he could at least be used to build armies. But who's going to want an army of scarred Geonosians?

    2x Poggle the Lesser -- Pretty iffy choice. On the one hand, he's not been available carded. On the other, everyone who wanted him likely got the three-pack. No reason for there to be multiples of him and not the new characters and army builders.

    1x Jango Fett -- Pretty logical, if you're going to insist on including the heaviest pegwarmer of AOTC, and the weakest non-Deluxe sculpt of him. A totally new Jango not marred by action features would've been preferable. No Jango in this wave would've been nice, too. But I can see Hasbro's wish to include him since, unlike Mace (who at first seems more logical), there's been no Jango figure for a few years now.

    2x C-3PO/Battle Droid -- Variant packaging can't help this turd. This is one of the worst C-3POs ever, only beaten out by the "snap-on plating!" AOTC figure. And he's very scene-specific to a scene that most adults seem to want to forget. C-3PO is pegwarming hard around here, beat out only by. . . .

    2x Yoda -- Why? Yoda didn't participate in the actual ground battle, which is what most of this wave is geared toward. And this Yoda, while not a bad figure, was pegwarming with a vengeance four months ago! Did they just want to get rid of all the ROTS pegwarmers, and the others will be showing up on new cards shortly?

    Seriously. The case could've been:
    4X Utapau Clone Trooper
    3X Scorch
    2X Sora Bulq
    2X Sun Fac
    1X Jango Fett

    I think everyone, young and old, would've been happy with that.
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    Thanks for the validation, all. Guess all of us are "never happy," huh? LOL!

    I wonder how long this assortment is going to be shipping...I don't think I will army-build with Scorch because I am going to hold out hope that the other three members of the Commando squad will be produced (Hasblow has the mold and they've demonstrated that they love the repaints), but I need at least three more Utaupau Clone Troopers to go with Cody.

    I'm just going to have to get used to dragging my *** to the local Target at 8:00 a.m. for the next few weeks...just wish I could get more than one clone at a time...

    What also gets me is that any Target near me only has between 4-6 Star Wars figures on the pegs at a time. It is like they get one case per week.

    Why do they have EIGHT PEGS set aside for Star Wars figures, then?
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire

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    One of the Targets near me has twelve pegs of those lame-arse Unleashed Battle Packs.
    That's my jacket!

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    I does boggle the mind that the two biggest draws in the wave are Scorch & the Utapaun Trooper are only 1 per case! At this rate I'll never see either of 'em up my way...and I was really looking forward to that Trooper. Scorch reminds me of those two EU Trooper entries from several years ago, the DarkTrooper and the Space Trooper...both unique, interesting troopers that as I recall were...1 per case! (And extermely hard to find). Some traditions should just die maybe...(like much sought after Troopers being 1 per case....) The Utapaun Trooper will (hopefully) end up it later assortments in higher numbers (one can dream can't one?) considering that a figure of Commander Cody is one the way and this particular deco of the Trooper is one of the best and Cody's legion to boot (let me guess... the Trooper will join Cody and both will be one per case in THAT wave too, right?), it would be nice if Hasbro kind of flooded the cases with 'em for awhile..believe me, they'll sell...
    Sora Bulq is a good addition...very posable, great looking jedi figure as well as a nice (if probably unintentional) nod to the EU here with him playing a significant role in the (now-defunct) "Republic" comic series...definately deserves more than one per case.
    I don't mind the addition of Poggle the Lesser here...but one per case of this guy would have been's funny...he's the telltale (pegwarming) sign that I've missed the rare appearence of this wave up my way. It's an interesting character, but this re-issue doesn't offer any major improvements (like a radical redeco) to warrant flooding the pegs with him.
    Sun Fac is actually a cool surprise...a solid, well-crafted, well-detailed, good articulated figure of a character (from a deleted scene no less!) that reminds me of some of the POTJ entries. Jeditricks gave this guy a good review a few days back and deservedly so. But I can already see some confusion on the pegs to the average shopper...he and Poggle look so alike in appearance and similair cardbacks that this guy may get passed up alot...which is too bad...I want to encourage Hasbro to continue putting out such well-done figures as this...
    As for the Jango Fett may not be the best version of him to throw back out there (I actually think the sneak-preview version was better), at 1-per-case, I can see anyone who just joined collecting going for it. (I haven't seen him yet.)
    Yoda probably didn't need a re-issue so soon after ROTS but he is a main character so we should expect to see him out there...but judging from the fact he's joining Poggle on the pegwarming front, 1 per case might have done it.
    Ah, alas poor re-issue this character's worst entry (well, Chuxter's right..the "snap-on" one was worse) and not even make an attempt at improving the deco...they just make a packaging pretty lame. If we were destined to get an AOTC release of this character, I would have preferred a re-deco'd ROTS version of him with his patina-riddled, beat-up plating he had on Tatooine...

    I think Chuxter's version of this wave would have been better...
    4X Utapau Clone Trooper
    3X Scorch
    2X Sora Bulq
    2X Sun Fac
    1X Jango Fett (but a better version)

    On "paper" this themed wave had some real promise...and I'm sure it will perform well for the retailers (those who get it anyways)...but I wish Hasbro would reconsider these wacky, re-issue-heavy waves they're putting out and put an emphasis on the new figures...


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