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    Talking What are the 5 changes you could make to the OT...

    Just a fun discussion thread...

    So basically if technology permitted us for the Special Edition 2, or if you were in GL's place during the making of the movies, What would you have done to improve the whole OT... ???

    1. The hair cuts on Luke and Han Solo!!!

    2. Changed the Ewoks to Wookees... I feel it would have been better seeing a whole banch of giant Bigfoot's beating up Stormtroopers...

    3. Added a couple more babes... Maybe a bad chick for the Emperor (Mara Jade... ???)...

    4. Would have redone the first 25 minutes of ROTJ... Changed Jabba's apperance, hate that giant, fat, slug as a mighty gangster boss scene... And rewrote the intro to the characters in Jabba's palace... First arrive the droids, then the Bounty with Chewie and finally Luke... anymore guests... Dammit it was lame the flow of events in Jabba's palace...

    5. The final duel, I would of made Vader loose his hand, but luke has given into total hate and sees himself more like his father and wants to destroy him... Vader is able to get he lightSaber back and proves why he is the most powerful Jedi... And punish's Luke with only his left hand, but as his about to destroy him he realizes how the Emperor wanted his son to become dark like him... The Emperor commands Vader to finish off Luke... Vader throws down his lightsaber and tells the Emperor that his Jedi, like his son now... basically refusing to finish his son...

    The Emperor then uses his electro powers to temperory knock out Vader. The Emperor then persues to destroy Luke himself... Luke pleads for help and Vader stabs the Emperor from behind, but the Emperor is too powerful to be killed by a lightsaber, so Vaders picks him up and throws him down the powercore... Vader is about to die but is still able to drag his son to the shuttle... Vader then has his final words to an evenly injured Luke, he asks for forgivenson, and before Luke can reply you can hear the famous heavy breathing stop, indicating that Vader has passed away... (And luke doe's not remove his mask)...

    Well those are the changes that I would have made ito the movies...

    Anyone else... I'm curious to see other board members opinions of the changes they would of done to the OT.

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    If I could change the OT:

    I would change it so Han fires first!!!

    I would change the Jabba in ANH:SE to look more like the one in ROTJ.

    I would add the Luke and Biggs scene into it.

    I would redo some of the old efects with new CGI ones (not that I like CGI its just to make all the films look the same).

    I would change the chimp lady emperor from ESB with Ian McDiarmid.

    Make Boba Fett even cooler and give him a cool fight scene (like the Obi-Jango one in AOTC).


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    Ok that was 6 not 5, but who's counting?


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    Han shoots first.
    Luke doesn't scream.
    No Chimp Emperor.
    Holograms in favor of Atari readouts on Yavin.
    Show Alderaan surface before it goes nova.
    During Falcon escape from Death Star, show more exterior footage of them whipping thru space with the TIEs on their rear end...

    Darn..that was six, too. But the first two are going back to the way they were, so it counts as one
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    "Make Boba Fett even cooler and give him a cool fight scene (like the Obi-Jango one in AOTC). "

    That I like, maybe a more intense fight with luke and give him a worthy death... ???

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    5. Fix The Fett scenes in ROTJ so he's not reverse anymore.
    4. Have the ANH:SE Jabba Scene re-shot on a green screen stage with a puppet of Jabba styled after the ROTJ Jabba puppet.
    3. Fix the Rancor scenes.
    2. Put Lak Sivrak back into the Cantina.
    1. Delete Greedo's shooting first.
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    1. Greedo doesn't shoot at all
    2. The ANH Jabba scene cut entirely
    3. Ewoks turned into Wookiees
    4. Add a scene or 2 of Alderaan as the Death Star approaches or is firing
    5. Reinstate Lapti Nek

    Honorable Mentions:

    Luke/Biggs Scene
    Lak Sivrak returns to the Cantina
    Cut out the Shuttle Return to the Executor in ESBSE
    Show the Stormtroopers raid the Lars' Homestead

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    Since this is the "original" trilogy, I'll revert all heinous SE changes back to their former glory.

    That said:
    - Ewoks into Wookiees
    - Quicken the pace of the middle of ROTJ
    - Have more focus on the Emperor/Vader/Luke scenes during the final battle
    - Have Fett die a more honorable death
    - Fix the lighting/matte problems in the Rancor pit
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    -Han Shoots First. This is the only problem I had with the Special Editions.
    -Rancor Fixed--Fix the washed-out, matted look on the rancor!
    -Tighten up some effects shots. With the prequels and infinitely superior CGI skills under their belts, some of the bad SE CGI (and some of the untouched stuff) can be fixed and made a million times better.
    -Otherwise, they're perfect!

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    1. Remove all SE crap, except Mos Eisley overview, Falcon take off from docking bay 94, Wampa, Alderaan, Death Star I & II explosions and touch-ups to effects.
    2. Luke's haircut in ROTJ sucks!.
    3. Luke in ROTJ:"He's too old" looking.
    4. More space battle action!!!
    5. Expand the ANH Imperial briefing scene.

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