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Thread: Anakin's Father

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    Anakin's Father!

    The whole proof has just been added to my last post in the Mace's Death Thread in the Episode 3 Spoilers Section.

    I didn't want to get repetative here, but will copy / paste and post if requested to do so.

    The Phantom Menace now makes more sense than ever before!

    George Lucas is a genius! This will upset The Godfather as one of the greatest family dramas in all history!

    But you will see the influence.

    The Dooku Connection post in the infamous "Mace's Death Thread"
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    I don't see any proof, just supposition and wishful thinking.

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    The only "real proof" can be two movies - one released this May, the other in 2005.

    However, I am assuming that you know "proofs" in geometry are theories based on using existing information, speculation (hypothesizing) and then testing the theories to make new ones.

    If you read the post in the Mace's Death Thread linked to above,
    you then can test the theory by saying which specific parts to the speculation you disagree with, and myself, or people who do agree with it can respond and see if we can counter that. However, if you agree with it making sense, you can continue thinking wishfully (like me) that this is a good way for it all to turn out. Either way, hope George knows what he's doing!

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    Tycho, your theory makes it sound like a galactic soap opera.

    (Scene) On top of a volcano.
    Dooku: Ani, I am your father.
    Anakin: No, its not possible. Obi-Wan said that I had no father.
    Dooku: Search your feelings and you know that it is true.
    Obi-Wan: What I told you was true, from a certain point of view.
    Anakin: A certain point of view?
    Obi-Wan: Your going to find that many of truths we cling to rely on a certain point of view. Your father left before you were born and never returned, so in a since, you had no father from a certain point of view.
    Dooku: Join me and we can rule as father and son.
    Anakin: YEEEEAAAGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    Anakin steps off the ledge and falls into the molten rock below.

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    As the moderator of the episode three section I have to read every word you write Tycho......

    There's nothing in any of the known facts about episode two or the relationships of any of the characters to suggest that Dooku, Qui-Gon or Palpatine is the father of Anakin. Yes, I agree that the only real proof comes from the finished movies which is why I called into doubt your assertion. Which is based on hypothesis and speculation and nothing more concrete. And citing the books of the EU canon is not evidence at all. George has never used any of the information from the EU sources to base anything in the movies on, apart from the designs from the computer games and comic books. And then it's simply been scene filler stuff with little consequence to the actual plot or film itself. Perhaps if you'd touted this thread as 'possible proof' then I wouldn't have even bothered to read it in the first place and would never have responded. As it is I'm sitting wondering why I did......

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    LOL - you have the script to Episode 3 already???

    That's pretty close, but this time I don't think Obi-Wan knows anything about what's going on.

    Shmi Skywalker, in her death scene tells Anakin some of the truth. She won't know what Dooku calls himself these days, or where he is.

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    lucas has made it clear that he has based his star wars stories on our myths. the virgin birth of jesus is one of our myths. anakin is as much a "jesus" type character in lucas' myth as the force is "god". i know the similarities between jesus and anakin may be few, but both eventually become their people's savior.

    i bet my mint on card farmer qui-gon that the virgin, force inspired birth will stand, and no drunk, renegade, or evil jedi will be revealed as anakins father. shmi wasn't lying or drunk or a loose woman.

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    That all depends on what you think Lucas ultimately might believe the Virgin Mary was. The mother of God's offspring, or someone that could've gotten stoned, or less benefits than a homeless person in Bethlehem, especially if she was unmarried, with Joseph's child?

    This is all further explored in the Mace's Death Thread, but relates more to Anakin, because I didn't want to offend anyone or start a religious debate.

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    don't worry about offending anyone. if you do, i'm sure it will be deleted. (i'm joking sir steve)

    in regards to the virgin birth, i bet lucas will leave it up to our speculation. but if anyone is his father, it should be sideous.

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Perhaps if you'd touted this thread as 'possible proof' then I wouldn't have even bothered to read it in the first place and would never have responded. As it is I'm sitting wondering why I did......
    I'm glad you did, because you can add your opinion to the story element of it (versus just your opinion of whether speculating is worth its trouble). In other words, if you speculated about whether Anakin had a virgin birth or there is more to the story ("from a certain point of view"), you would explain Anakin's parentage as....?????

    [Anything we say before the movie comes out is speculation more or less anyway. The fun is in predicting it - like what would be cool? If this, than this...]

    So how do you think Anakin was conceived Jargo? What would the consequences of that be (in the Star Wars universe)???

    How does that fit in with what we know from the other movies???
    Do things that happened in TPM hint at it?


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