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Thread: How do you feel

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    Question How do you feel

    about gl sticking rigidly to the "one film every three years" thing? IMHO, between the way technology is and the way the entertainment industry works, it seems more than a little dumb to space the films out this way, especially with the LOTR trilogy to consider- what do you think?
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    Nah, three years is fine. It takes that long for them to get all the good ideas nice and screwed up. It takes three years to **** up all the continuity. it takes three years to cast all the wrong preople in all the wrong parts. It takes three years to come up with excuses for why everythings been changed yet again in the character biographies on the official site. it takes three years to get Rick McCallums fat azz off the chair and into action. It takes three years to get George's ego from one continent to the next and back again. it takes three years of kiss azz fanboy gushiness to power the next movie into gear. it takes three years to make enough sh***y merchandise to go round. It takes three years for people to forget how bad the last one was.

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    The only thing that bothers me about it is the way Lucas releases the film to home video markets less than 6 months after it comes out in theaters. For me, I'd rather have a promise of no Home Video for 2 years and have theaters keep playing the films (yes, even Ep 1). Watching it at home is great, but there's something about magic of the theater experience that makes it fantastic.
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    jeditricks, which film did lucas release to video in 6 months? E1 didn't come out on vhs untill may 2000.

    i think it would be fitting to have E2 on dvd by nov./dec. 2002. there is no reason to make us wait 18 months like he did with E1.(by the way, have you bought it yet for your PS2?)

    movie theatres are only going to play what people are seeing. if the demand for E2 is there, theatres will play it for as long as we continue to see it. but folks like me, who pay $80 for the dewback or watch E1 23 times in the theatre are rare birds.

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    The only problem with releasing a film every three years is that the actors are way much older by the time they make the last film where as if he filmed it all in one go none of them would change/look older
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    GNT(garry nash travis) ,

    they are suposed to be older. as a matter of fact, they have not aged enough. only hayden is the correct age for his caracter.

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    Am I mistaken in my recollection from ca. 1995 that the prequels were originally planned for 1998/2000/2002 ? ? ?

    I do not know where I got the idea from, but I do remember George on the THX release saying the first one would come out in '98, otherwise '99. Perhaps that is the beginning of my confusion . . .

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    I don't like the wait[every three years]but if that is what it takes,then so be it. I also think we shouldn't have to wait so long for the movie to come out on vedio or DVD. I like to watch the movie at home more than I do at the movies because there is no one bothering me with talking or moving around. Sometimes it is hard to get into a film when you have all that mess going on around you.And I can stop the movie when I have to go to the bathroom and not miss anything.Oh man,I sound like my Mom and Dad.I'm getting so old.
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    How do I feel...?

    With My HANDS! :happy:
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    Whatever the time period was supposed to be, the lull between TPM and AOTC gave Lucas time to reflect on the negative critical reviews and peek in to our discussions at various forums. I wouldn't mind at all if the time between TPM and AOTC was ten years, so long as he found a way to put the saga back on the proper track. Based on early indicators, it doesn't look like that happened to my satisfaction, but I am happy that he realized the need for a co-writer before launching right into production.

    Aside from story-quality issues, it takes a lot of time to make a movie, especially one of this scope. And don't forget that they were field testing the new 24P cameras. 3 years is probably as fast as it can be done, from script to screen.


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