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    nope if you look at he worlds of star wars books you'll see there are clearly bathrooms and restrooms in there. even onboard ships. and failing that they can just go behind a tree like every normal peson when they're caught short out in the wilds of nowhere. or up an alley or behind a parked transport, or down a garbage chute.........

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    Also, they could just go in their pants...excitement of battler, a near miss and what now that the garbage chute has been brought up...

    What a wonderful smell they would discover. Plus if not the battle field, with the dead clones, who'd notice just one more person adding to the stink (intentionally)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    You prefer 3D CG to hand-drawn 2D?
    I prefer my 7 year old nephew's and 3 year old niece's doodling to Genndy's "style."

    Really though, I just didn't care much for the overall style of Clone Wars...Gen-Tart just isn't my cup of tea. (or shall I say cup of jawa juice? )


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