I just bought season 1 on DVD. It's still pretty cool, but perhaps not yet as edgy as The Shield, for those of you who know FX's show.

Still Miami is really enjoyable and features more babes in swimsuits - you have to love that!

The Ferrari's, speedboats, sea planes, and music give it a lot of style.

I just saw Al Bundy appear in an episode (Ed O'Neil) as an undercover FBI agent.

The show is still intense and for Shield fans, features two bad cops at least (the guys' lieutenient is on the take from the Columbian drug cartel, and Sonny knows it - I'm just approaching the 2-part episode where he and Tubbs probably do something about it. Edward James Olmos joins the show at some point as their new lieutenient and remains there throughout the series).

Unlike the movie, Sonny is having an affair with Gina. Rico hasn't made a move on Trudy yet - and I don't remember if he does. We'll get there.

Star Wars' Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa) was in the series "movie debut" as Sonny's first partner that gets killed by a car bomb in a bad drug deal. It wasn't surprising to see Smits playing a cop

The original might be a lot better than the recent movie - but there are a lot of similar shoot-outs at shipyard wherehouses and speedboat chases.