Tycho, what does that have to do with Don Johnson's sexuality? He is a married man. I agree with your assessment of the episode. Evan was one of the critically stand-out episodes from the first season. Although the subject matter did nothing for me I was more impressed by the dramatic opening with the cool use of Peter Gabriel's Rythym of the Heat and the performance of the actor who played Evan as a crazy loose wire cop. Remember the scene where he pulls the gun on Sonny because you will see it again later in an episode called "A Bullet For Crockett" when Sonny is shot and in the emergency room, the episode is a montage of flashbacks throughout the series (this was writen during a writer's strike year, hence the cliched cheat use of stock flashbacks) but poignant in that it is a summation of Crockett's character. There is also another great episode where Crockett accidentally shoots a kid and is overcome with guilt while under investigation and builds to an explosive scene in Castillo's office with really great performances by DJ and Olmos.

"What do you say Crockett? One for you? One for me? Sonny, do you ever think that somewhere there's a bullet with your name on it?"

"You're a sick man Freed."