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    Tycho, what does that have to do with Don Johnson's sexuality? He is a married man. I agree with your assessment of the episode. Evan was one of the critically stand-out episodes from the first season. Although the subject matter did nothing for me I was more impressed by the dramatic opening with the cool use of Peter Gabriel's Rythym of the Heat and the performance of the actor who played Evan as a crazy loose wire cop. Remember the scene where he pulls the gun on Sonny because you will see it again later in an episode called "A Bullet For Crockett" when Sonny is shot and in the emergency room, the episode is a montage of flashbacks throughout the series (this was writen during a writer's strike year, hence the cliched cheat use of stock flashbacks) but poignant in that it is a summation of Crockett's character. There is also another great episode where Crockett accidentally shoots a kid and is overcome with guilt while under investigation and builds to an explosive scene in Castillo's office with really great performances by DJ and Olmos.

    "What do you say Crockett? One for you? One for me? Sonny, do you ever think that somewhere there's a bullet with your name on it?"

    "You're a sick man Freed."

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    I don't know the details of Don Johnson's sexuality. I heard somewhere that he was divorced and dating men now. I don't care or hold it against him. I maintain that people should be able to do whatever they want. I too really picture him as a straight man, however.

    But, this episode drove home some consequences of prejudiced thought (which burned that guy Mike so bad, he wound up getting himself killed).

    I know that I am guilty of feeling like Evan may have, but I've worked with gay men before and never had any drive to quit and leave a job so I wouldn't be around them. If I've expressed dislike for the gay lifestyle, it is moreso my being upset with gay men I do NOT know, and who do NOT know me - and their pride parades and use as a morality target for Republicans to turn out people voting against the Democrats on the grounds they thought they were morally superior. It's insulting and Mark Folley's scandal is quite gratifying for that reason. There's so much hypocrisy and stupidity involved in that whole phenomenon.

    It really was a groundbreaking, make-you-think episode. And yeah, the actor playing Evan did a really good job. I like the scene on Crockett's boat with the gun threat that you pointed out. That was a tense moment!

    I have one episode left from Season 1 to watch. Then it's Season 2.

    I have no information on when or if Season 3 will be made available. That's been bothering me. I want all 5 years!
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    Well according to IMDB, he is still maried to Kelley Phleger (29 April 1999 - present) 3 children. Last interview with DJ I saw he was happily married having been twice divorced from Melanie Griffith. I wouldn't give any ethereal tabloid rumors much credence anymore than about as much as I can speculate with a degree of absolute certainty Tom Cruise being in the closet. Anyway, what matters is the performances and the show has many good ones. It was basically a Who's Who of the 80's featuring guest stars like Bruce Willis who played a real slimeball unlike anything he's portrayed on film. What I love about Vice is the vibe and the characters. It's all good.

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    I saw Bruce Willis' appearance on Miami Vice. He was totally cool for a bad guy - though the wife-beating thing was not at all classy. I wouldn't have used Slime-ball to describe his character. Tyrannical applies. So does Fascist.

    Did you ever see Willis in The Jackal? He paid a high-price, classy assasin working for the Russian Mafia. His performance as the bad guy in that one would be equally impressive to you if you liked his baddie in Miami Vice.

    I just watched Lombard, in which that actor made his second appearance as Crockett and Tubbs tried to protect him so he could testify against the Italian Mafia. Really good acting and a very cool episode. The guy was a mob boss and indirectly a very responsible killer - who in the past led to the execution-death of one of Sonny's ex-girlfriends. The show was really something and insightful about the mob.
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    Damn Tycho, you got me all fixated on Vice now! I may have to watch some Bushido tonight just so I can hear Kate Bush's Hello Earth when Castillo gets it or Little Miss Dangerous that has one of the show's great endings to Public Image Limited's Order of Death. Season 2 was great. Season 3 was my fave but I'll be honest, Season 4 with Sheena Easton was awful until the last few episodes and Season 5 had its moments but you could tell the show had run its course and the departure of Jan Hammer really lost a lot of the style and atmosphere. The best part of seasons 4 and 5 is the arc where Sonny loses his memory and thinks he's Burnett and becomes a corrupt hit man for an Italian mafioso. I do wish they'd hurry up and release them all.

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    Have you heard anything about Season 3?

    How do you remember the later shows so well? Do you have bootlegs or old video-tapings?
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    I had a few old videotapes left over from their original broadcasts and I retaped the entire series when they were rebroadcast in syndication a few years back. I was going to transfer them to DVD but I figured I'd wait for the official DVD releases with remastered 5.1 Dolby. I haven't heard zip about season 3 but I figured it would be released about the time of the movie.

    I'm watching Bushido. What a great ep. Olmos directed it. Brilliant.

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    What season is Bushido?

    I'm watching "Prodigal Son," the Ssn 2 opener that was a 2 hour special when Rico returns to New York with Sonny. I had to take a break for the moment.

    But they played "You Belong to the City" along with U2 "In The Name of Love," to go along with this great story.

    It started amazingly in Columbia where Crockett and Tubbs witnessed a guy being tortured to death for information about the drug shipments.

    Then there was a raid in the Everglades on swamp skimmer fan-boats (forgot what they're called but they make you look for Gentle Ben, haha).

    Now the boys are in New York.

    This fast blonde hooked up with Sonny and stole his gun. He still had the ankle 'blaster' and that saved him and Rico when the Columbians tried to kill them in New York.

    I liked the dialogue between Sonny and that girl - how they met and wound up going home together. I had a real life experience like that. Some girls are like that and enjoy men that don't kiss up to them but are hardarses instead. Sonny handled her well, I'd say.

    Rico and his ex-girl Val are another story. She has him all wound up tight.

    This is a great episode thus far. I tried to see if there are WTC shots in the New York panoramic views, but I couldn't ID the buildings. I honestly don't know when they were built. This episode was fall 1985 originally.
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    Bushido is on disc 2 side A. Season 2 has some winners. "Out Where the Buses Don't Run" with Bruce McGill as a goofball ex-cop and David Strathairn from Good Night and Good Luck with another terrific ending to Dire Straits Brother's In Arms. The finale is a good one because it brings back an old enemy.

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    Dave, you might like this:

    I know the song comes from the rip-off movie, but it does suit my taste. "In The Air Tonight" is so "Miami Vice" more than any other song is (other than perhaps Jan Hammer's stuff)

    This one is from the TV series we know and love:

    Here's a few more including Phil Collins (Long Way To Go):

    I wished I found a link to Collins' original "In the Air Tonight."

    Dude, Johnson and Thomas can't be THAT old that they couldn't have come back and done a movie! I don't know about Olmos either.

    Yeah, anything they did might seem like a glorified TV episode - might. However, they could've even been finally killed in the movie and some new generation of Vice cops could begin - maybe even Crockett's son would be involved, following in the footsteps of his father. That would have been an impassioned story with maybe James Franco or someone as Crockett's grown-up son.

    By the way, here are the brand new action figures, that even include Elvis. However, I think that you'll agree that they totally suck. I would have loved it if Art Asylum or SideShow did these:
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